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Woman Uses Her Gun To Ward Off Abduction

Dinah Burns via WBNS (screen cap)

‘I have this and I’m not afraid to use it’

Mississippi Yawning: One Year Later, Dire Open Carry Predictions Prove False


Open carry laws didn’t result in anarchy – gun banners lament

Massad Ayoob: 5 Lost Secrets Of Combat Handgunnery


Old school methods that were forged in the fight

When Citizens Fight Back

CITIZEN defense handgun

Millions of violent crimes a year in the USA, one coming to you eventually

Why Legalizing Concealed Carry Is The Answer To Persistent Stalkers


Victims shouldn’t have to live in fear.

4 Tips To Finding The Right Subcompact Autopistol For Personal Defense


Keep calm and carry your gun, but what gun?

Meet The Guy Carrying A Gun Around The National Mall


It’s legal… for now

Concealed Carry: Old Guys Tricks


It’s like wearing socks with sandles

Revolver Selection, Understanding Your Needs

Big Bore handgun

Carrying in the field for self-defense has different needs

Shooting With Corrective Lenses: Bad Eyesight And Concealed Carry


Do you see the sights or see the target?

Virginia College Shoots Down Gun Rights Club

President says club would seek to change concealed carry rules

Girls With Guns: As More Women Pack Heat, They Need A Way To Carry

It’s another excuse to go shopping

The Active Shooter, Killer And Our Response


“The civilian responder is exposed to even greater risk than law enforcement.”

Is Everyday Carry (EDC) Really Necessary?


What would you have done when you saw a guy take out a rifle?

Concealed Carrier Shoots Cop Killer In Georgia


Cops brother was carrying a concealed weapon and on the scene