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The shooting stopped, now what do I do?

holster shooting channel

Practice this method to stay in the fight

Employee rescued from man with syringe by gun-carrying customer

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

Police Chief: it’s uncommon for people to use syringes as weapons

Concealed Carry: What to do if you are “Made”

concealed carry

“You got a permit for that?”

Gear Test: Brad Thor Alpha Jacket takes concealed carry to the next level

brad thor lead

Just file this under ‘Stuff We Like’

Man who defended himself with licensed gun may still face charges

Various automatic handguns are shown in the weapons vault during media open house at the ATF National Laboratory Center in Beltsville Maryland

Assailants held him down and attacked him with a baseball bat

Concealed Carry: Are back-up guns for civilians a good idea?


BUG time, needed at the worst time of course

Gun Test: Walther PPX

Walther PPX

Walther performance at an affordable price with a 16+1 9mm capacity

Defensive Carry: What to shoot, where to shoot, what works in the real world


Get ready to argue these results

Former Navy SEAL weighs in: Guns in businesses


99.99328% of Florida concealed carry permit holders have never committed a crime

Massad Ayoob: Police ammo for the rest of us?

Ammo for cops

Mass’s advice on using the same ammo as local cops in your carry gun

Concealed Carry Answers: What Is dual force?


How many levels of defense do you carry?

School officials deeply troubled over guns appearing ON SIGNS BANNING GUNS

screenshot of required Illinois sticker found by way of Village of Oak Park IL

‘Bothersome’ gun stickers could remind people of Sandy Hook

A stalking victim who survived a deadly encounter gives her advice

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There are no second chances

Gun owners, you'll want to know about the massive database this newspaper company is building

Rybolt, carrying a .45 Colt pistol, listens at a rally marking one-year anniversary of Aurora theater shootings, in Aurora

Leaked email: ‘We will attempt to build state-by-state databases’

Drawing, or the “presentation” of, your concealed handgun

Drawing your handgun

The guy that draws his gun last loses

4 Concealed carry compromises to avoid

4 concealed carry mistakes

Personal safety is a serious, no-compromise responsibility

The “Vermont Carry” Preemptive Strike

Vermont Constitution

Vermont is proof of “more guns, less crime” but gun grabbers don’t care

24 Free downloads from Gun Digest

Gun Digest AR

Glocks, AR’s, 1911′s, Revolvers, Concealed Carry – it’s all here

Ohio concealed carry licenses soar - Buckeye Firearms Association

Illinois Concealed Carry Appeal

Oho expects 400,000 people to carry concealed by year’s end

To open carry or not, that is the question - Jorge Amselle

slide holster

Open carry protests. This may not help our cause.