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The Congressional Budget Office's broken balance sheet

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No, limiting late-term abortions won’t run up the budget deficit.

CBO says immigration bill aids investors, not wage earners

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Bill to drive down wages for low-skill Americans, increasing income inequality

CBO: Budget deficit $601 billion in first half of fiscal year


‘It’s bad but not as bad as last year’

CBO: Most energy tax subsidies go toward green energy

Barack Obama

Energy industry tax breaks have become a hot-button issue

GAO report says Obamacare not paid for, despite presidential promise

Health Care Law

Sessions says report reveals ‘dramatic falsehoods’ of Obamacare boosters

CBO: Unemployment to remain above 7.5 percent until 2014

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Non-partisan office predicts slow economic growth all year

Stunning new numbers forecast debt explosion by 2023 - TheDCNF


‘If current laws remain in place, debt will equal 77 percent of GDP’

CBO: Deficit tops $1 trillion for fourth year - TheDCNF

Budget Deficit

Obama had promised to cut deficit in half by the end of term

The US government's obsolete and dysfunctional spectrum management - TheDC

Dish Network Blockbuster

There is no accountable federal manager of radio spectrum.

Congressional Budget Office warns of Social Security insolvency by 2033 - TheDCNF

US Social Security COLA

Program continues to spend more than it takes in as Baby Boomers retire

CBO: Even with subsidy electric cars are still uncompetitive - TheDCNF

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Subsidies must increase 50-60 percent to make eco-friendly cars competitive, report finds

CBO: Number of people required to pay Obamacare penalty increases - TheDCNF

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Six million people will be fined by the government for not having health insurance, the CBO estimates

Studies support Romney's concern about government dependence - TheDCNF

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Over 70 percent of government spending goes to what Heritage describes as ‘dependence programs’

CBO: $1.17 trillion deficit for first eleven months in 2012 - TheDCNF


‘Our problem is we spend too much money,’ Paul Ryan says

CBO: Recession likely if no 'fiscal cliff' agreement - AP

Democrats State of the Union

‘I think the stakes of fiscal policy are very high right now’

CBO transparency push isn't political

The CBO Transparency Act would require the Congressional Budget Office to release information and data used in bill scoring.

Former CBO director defends agency against transparency push - TheDCNF


CBO wouldn’t be able to do its job without some measure of secrecy, says one-time boss of congressional scoring outfit

Congressman demands more CBO transparency - TheDCNF

Supreme Court Health Care States

Legislative analysis based on CBO reports lacks scrutiny and peer review, says Pennsylvania’s Tim Murphy

CBO: Top earners pay 68 percent of tax burden - TheDCNF

Warren Buffett Taxes

Top 20 percent of earners paid 67.9 percent, the middle quintile paid 9.4 percent, the lowest paid .03 percent

CBO: US posts $900 billion dollar deficit in first nine months of fiscal year 2012 - TheDCNF

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Deficit was actually lower than 2011 because revenues increased slightly