TRUMP TOWER POLITICS? GOP Bill Would Weaken Scaffolding Safety To Help New York Real Estate Tycoons

op-ed | Dean Clancy
Trump Tower Shutterstock/Eric Urquhart

It’s the ‘Make High-Rise Construction Work Even Unsafer Act’ and it’s very dangerous

Women's Group DEEPLY CONCERNED Because Women Have 2.6 Percent of Construction Jobs

US | Eric Owens

The federal government must DO SOMETHING

Puppies, kittens, sunshine and infrastructure

Feature:Opinion | Douglas Holtz-Eakin

The public debate about infrastructure spending is completely unhinged from reality.

2010 2nd worst year for home construction in 50 years - AP

Business | admin

Builders broke ground on a total of 587,600 homes in 2010, just barely better than the 554,000 started in 2009

Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on stimulus for Big Labor

Opinion | Ben Brubeck

The Obama administration’s union favoritism is costing taxpayers big time.

Workers pledge they won't build Ground Zero mosque - NY Daily News

US | interns

Even facing high unemployment, a growing number of N.Y. builders refuse to work on proposed mosque

'Chia wall' to muffle highway sound - Discovery News

Tech | interns

An Ohio highway will soon include a sound barrier made of vegetation rather than concrete

High speed fail - Reason

US | interns

California’s 14-year bullet train project has resulted in little construction, massive cost overruns, and railways to nowhere

NREL's zero-energy research building, largest in nation, generates as much power as it uses - Popular Science

Energy | interns

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s new building will produce as much energy as it consumes in a year

Weak housing data signal that economy is losing steam - NYT

Business | interns

A record fall in pending home sales and a slowdown in the construction market contributed to a sluggish outlook for the economy

Steps? Naomi Campbell doesn't do steps - NY Post

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

The diva caused a stink when she was supposed to be promoting her perfume line by canceling an appearance because she didn’t want to walk up some stairs

Seducing Wisconsin roads - AP

| interns

Digital construction sign flashes suggestive lyrics at drivers

Special interest handouts: Is this the change we can believe in?

Opinion | Carole Bionda

President Obama has exchanged the politics of change for business as usual: crony contracting. This country is facing enormous challenges. Now is the time for hope, not costly special interest kickbacks at taxpayers’ expense

Obama admin. limits contract bidding to union shops - The Daily Caller

Business | Aleksandra Kulczuga

It’s official — federal agencies can now require that contractors be unionized to bid on large federal construction projects

Home sales tumble, despite tax breaks from Obama

Business | Gautham Nagesh

Despite the efforts of the Obama Administration with tax breaks, home sales continued to tumble

State of the unions: Not good

Opinion | Brett McMahon

The annual Union Members Summary—the U.S. labor unions’ own State of the Union—encourages us to assess the state of the unionized workforce. And, much like the profit margins and job-loss the rest of America has experienced, the construction union outlook proves no better.

D.C. jobs outlook: More federal jobs, less retail and contruction

Business | interns

With thousands of new federal and government-related jobs, Washington has benefited from some of the circumstances that have caused Main Streets to go dark elsewhere

‘Cadillac’ compromise may breathe new life to card check

Opinion | Matt K. Lewis

Recent developments are sending Big Labor scrambling to salvage its goal of increasing union membership. This is an important goal, inasmuch as unions are in serious danger of extinction.

Scott Brown’s stunning victory in the Massachusetts special Senate election—and the message it sent—implies the Employee Free Choice Act, also known as “card check,” can expect tougher opposition in this Congress. But the political reality is that President Obama still owes Big Labor several political paybacks—and those paybacks are now more likely to come through the Executive Branch.