Congress Still Has No Plan To Avoid Looming Government Shutdown

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke

With the fiscal year quickly coming to a close, Congress remains in limbo on its plan to avoid the looming threat of a government shutdown.

Homeland Security Threatens Consequences If Funding Bill Isn't Passed

Politics | Kerry Picket

‘This funding bill for Homeland Security should not be held hostage for immigration’

House Includes Short-Term Ex-Im Extension In Government Funding Bill

Politics | Peter Fricke

Bank’s fate could be decided next June

Republicans should stand and fight over the shutdown

Opinion | Stan Veuger

The piecemeal proposals the GOP has put forward are eminently reasonable.

How is Obama depressing the hell out of Americans now?

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘Let me talk a little bit about what’s going on back in Washington’

Watch Pelosi's musical freakout to House budget vote

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘A wolf in wolf’s clothing’

Congress avoids government shutdown yet again - TheDC

Politics | C.J. Ciaramella

House passes bill to fund the government through November, as Republicans back down from cuts to Department of Energy programs

Senate reaches deal to avert shutdown - TheDC

Politics | C.J. Ciaramella

Lawmakers reach agreement after FEMA announces it doesn’t immediately need additional funding

Senate aide: FEMA has more money than thought - AP

Politics | Steven Nelson (admin)

If the estimate is accurate, the agency won’t need additional funds and the cause for the current gridlock will disappear

Republican stop-gap measure fails in House over FEMA funding - TheDC

Politics | C.J. Ciaramella

Failure means the threat of government shutdown at the end of the month

School choice returns to D.C. with continuing resolution - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

The provision, the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) Act, is the only piece of legislation Speaker John Boehner is expected to sponsor this year

Obama signing statement: despite law, I'll do what I want on czars - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

The move is an aggressive power play by Obama to gain an added advantage from the deal struck a week ago

House Democrats save Boehner's spending deal - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

The bill will go straight to the Senate where it requires 60 votes

McCarthy aide compares conservatives to 'Hanoi Jane' - National Journal

Politics | Vince Coglianese

Those who are using opposition to the resolution to better position themselves are hurting the fight, he implied

Boehner: House will pass spending-cut deal today - WaPo

Politics | interns

Speaker of the House John Boehner predicts House will pass the budget deal Thursday

White House protects abortion provider, allows cuts to community health centers - TheDC

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Obama administration allows $600 million in cuts to Community Health Centers while protecting funding for Planned Parenthood

Quit hitting yourself: Wash. man punches himself over possible government shutdown - Kitsap Sun

US | interns

A Washington state man totally freaked about the possibility of a government shutdown and punched himself in the face

RSC chair Jordan to oppose C.R. deal - NRO

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Jordan says he won’t accept last-minute compromise on budget

GOP pushes back vote on spending bill 'to comply with our three day rule' - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

‘To comply with our three-day rule, the CR agreement will be brought to the floor on Thursday’