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There is no world currency war

The Japanese are devaluing their currency, but American investors shouldn’t be worried.

Virginia moves closer to creating state's own currency

Virginia Treasury Note

‘So far, only Utah has approved a law recognizing nontraditional currency’

The weakening of the petrodollar

Over the next few years we should expect the petrodollar to lose dominance even as the greenback’s reserve currency status diminishes.

Threats of Chinese 'trade war' turn focus of economic debate outward - TheDC

China Jiang

Talk of tariffs and currency manipulation loom large as GOP candidates scrap, spar

Pelosi: US will no longer 'ride the Chinese tiger' [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘Our role is to register the concern of the American people on’ China’s alleged currency manipulation

Schumer: China getting away with 'economic murder' against US - TheDC Video

Leading Senate Democrat pushes bill that would pressure China to allow the value of its currency to rise

Boehner dismisses move to punish China on currency - AP

China Currency.JPEG

Senate bill aimed to penalize countries for undervaluing their currencies dismissed

China rating agency: World to 'discard' the dollar - CNBC

Twenty Dollar Bills

Leading rating agency chair says the world’s reserve currency will fall as policy makers explore the implication of S&P’s decision to slash the U.S.’s AAA rating

The other side of the dollar coin

Why it’s time to abandon the $1 bill.

Canada switching to plastic money - Globe and Mail

Canada Money

Bank of Canada hopes that the new ‘synthetic’ banknotes, which will be nearly impossible to destroy, will cut down on counterfeiting

The end of the dollar bill? High cotton prices could force $1 coin - TIME

In 2010, the cost of making one bill was 50% more than it had been in 2008

Merry Christmas

Even in this magical season, there are those seeking to take the manger from the town square, put the ‘X’ over Christ, and remove mottos from coinage.

Why Irish eyes aren't smiling

The Irish government is in danger of defaulting on its debt.

IMF alleges China substantially undervaluing currency - WaPo

Undervalued Chinese currency could affect other global markets

2.4 Cents for Your Thoughts?

Maybe you should start hoarding your pennies.

House slaps China on currency rules - WaPo

New penalties punish China and other nations accused of currency manipulation

Don't fear a trade war with China

Congress should stop listening to the alarmists before the alarm bell really rings on America’s economic future.

Japan acts to weaken Yen - NYT

The move is a bid to protect its export-led economy, intervening in international currency markets for the first time since 2004

China now second largest economy - FOX Business

Country’s rapid growth surpasses Japan and may soon exceed U.S.

Rupee gets a makeover - NYT

Indian government approves rupee symbol designed by Indian Institute of Technology student