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Why CVS's decision to stop selling cigarettes is nothing to celebrate

A cashier counts money in front of shelves full of cigarettes at a CVS store in the Manhattan borough of New York

The company spent millions lobbying for Obamacare. Would they have been able to afford giving up tobacco without it?

15 unhealthy products you can STILL buy at CVS

Tobacco may be on its way out the door, but thankfully these items are still available

MORNING BRO: Is NYC's St. Patrick's Day parade gay enough?

According to de Blasio, no

CVS to stop selling cigarettes, citing Obamacare


The move is expected to cost the company $2 billion annually

A victory for racial justice

Earns CVS Caremark.JPEG

Three cheers for CVS, for reversing their bigoted nail polish remover policy.

CVS requiring employees to undergo height, weight, health assessment

Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

Advocate: ‘Rising health care costs are killing the economy, and businesses are terrified’

CVS Caremark 4Q profit climbs nearly 4 percent - AP

Earns CVS Caremark .JPEG

Pharmacy services revenue swelled because of a long-term contract and new business

Stocks to watch Thursday: CVS, GM, Fortune Brands - MarketWatch

Among the companies whose shares could see active trade in Thursday’s session are CVS Caremark Corp., General Motors Co. and Fortune Brands Inc.

CVS and Express-Medco mergers lead to boost in shares - MarketWatch


CVS comes under fire for anti-competitive practices by consumer groups

FoodPolitik: Bag the feel-good environmentalism - TheDC Opinion

Think taxing plastic bags saves the environment? Think again

'Tiger Mother's' cub bounds to her defense - TheDC

Amy Chua’s daughter Sophia defends her mother’s now infamous rigidity, penned in ‘Why Chinese Mothers Are Better’

CVS has a $75 million meth problem - LAT

CVS accused of helping to fuel meth drug production, pays record $75-million fine

Shoplifter strangled to death by store employee - Chicago Sun-Times

A CVS employee strangled a shoplifter who stole toothpaste and crayons

Cops: White male robbed bank disguised as black male - ABC

Bank robber attempted to throw off law enforcement by dressing up as a black male