Report: Iran HACKED Navy computers

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UN General Assembly Iran.JPEG

The most recent intrusion was last week

U.S. officials woo tech companies in new push for cybersecurity law

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File photo of an employee working at the headquarters of Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Labs in Moscow

The previous bill brought opposition from privacy advocates who feared too much data would end up in the hands of the National Security Agency

Global lockmaker seeks key to future profits in the cloud

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But selling locks is a delicate business and the market traditionally conservative.

Cybersecyruty firm founder wants companies to be able to 'hack back' against hackers

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‘I do think eventually we need to enable corporations in this country to be able to fight back’

Look who took out The New York Times

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New York Times

The SEA hacks in support of the Assad regime, although no official ties have been made to Syrian government.

Computer researchers demonstrate how cars can by hacked via laptop

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Hackers have researched the concept since 2010

Federal agency smashes computers to defeat malware

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Cyber Defense

Agency grossly misunderstands technology, destroys computers to rid itself of virus problem

Napolitano claims feds don't depend on private sector for intel

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Janet Napolitano

Homeland Security chief remarks at odds with current state of military-industrial complex

DHS hopes to get same cyber-spying powers as NSA

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Janet Napolitano, AP

Pending bill would give Homeland Security domestic spying capabilities similar to the National Security Agency’s

US manufacturers urge Obama to get tough on cybersecurity with China

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Summit between Obama and Xi in California this week

Security experts warn government is making the Internet unsafe

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Say, couldn’t hackers take advantage of mandated invulnerabilities?

House Intel chair: Hackers are coming to get you

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Hackers. AP Images.

‘Banks, financial institutions, newspapers, trade associations, major international businesses, no one is immune’

Is your webcam spying on you?

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Judge says not to FBI’s newest surveillance idea: hacking into personal computers

CISPA passes House despite privacy concerns

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High Tech NYPD

Bill allows private sector information to be voluntarily shared with the federal government

Electronic sharing bill CISPA would violate rule of law, critics argue

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Digital privacy AP

Bill would allow companies to break contracts, share info with government

White House threatens to veto cyber bill

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Bill’s sponsors insist it is ‘not a surveillance bill’

FAA strongly denies alleged smartphone airplane hack can work

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‘The described technique cannot engage or control the aircraft’s autopilot system’

Airplanes can be hijacked using an Android smartphone

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Britain Air

Security consultant Hugo Teso shows that a hijacker could take over an aircraft’s flight controls

Activists launch week of protest against anti-hacking law

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Digital libertarians say feds’ 1984 law could put innocent people in jail

Dutch Web hosting site knocked offline after major DDoS attack on UK company

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The attacks illustrate a larger problem with the vulnerability of systems fundamental to the Internet