Progressives Laud Removal Of Bannon From National Security Council

Politics | Jonah Bennett
US President Donald Trump held last-minute negotiations with fellow Republicans to avoid a humiliating defeat Thursday in his biggest legislative test to date, as lawmakers vote on an Obamacare replacement plan which conservatives threaten to sink. Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images.

These groups say the decision is a victory against white supremacy and extremism.

Black Lives Matter Demands Facebook Revive Account Of Woman Killed For SHOOTING AT COPS With Large Gun

US | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/TnnRawNews, Getty Images/DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS

Her 5-year-old son was injured in a standoff over a warrant for failure to appear in court

News Site Claims Georgia Residents Can Buy And Carry “Pulse Rifles” Under New Law

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear

Honest to God this is how profoundly ignorant gun haters think

MSNBC duped: Network runs satirical fake news from Daily Kos as a real story - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Host Thomas Roberts reports that Apple and Microsoft are ‘marrying up’ to take on the National Organization for Marriage

Daily Kos calls for Westboro Baptist Church to protest at Breitbart funeral - TheDC

US | Jeff Poor

‘Lets give back to Andrew what he has so generously given to us all these years. We could call this ‘Operation Sendaway”

Schizophrenia? #OccupyWallStreet and love pro-free market, billionaire CEO

Opinion | Todd Herman

Steve Jobs was a capitalist, through and through.

Daily Kos sticks up for Weiner by identifying underage girls - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Founder Markos Moulitsas allowed the publication of underage girls’ identities on his blog in an attempt to help Rep. Anthony Weiner

Daily Kos blogger: 'Draft Olbermann for Senate' - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Daily Kos blogger recommends Keith Olbermann run for U.S. Senate in Connecticut

Pollster Frank Luntz goes after 'violent' remarks on Huffington Post, MoveOn and Daily Kos - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘People really need to back off out there and treat others with respect’

Progressives might push 2012 primary challenge to Obama - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Progressives consider a 2012 primary challenge to the president

Full transcript of Obama's liberal blogger chat - DailyKos

Politics | Vince Coglianese

President Obama invited 5 liberal bloggers to the White House Wednesday for a chat. Here’s what they said.

Obama not likely to receive challenge from 'professional left' - The Hill

Politics | Pat McMahon

Two prominent liberals, Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean, have ruled out challenging the president in 2012

DailyKos gets new pollster after firing R2K - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas

Liberal blog site will team up with Public Policy Polling (PPP) to do horserace polling for the site

Keith Olbermann knows what Keith Olbermann is talking about - TheDC

US | Ruth Graham

We watch, because we’re paid to

Statistician: Daily Kos has every right to be furious

Feature:Opinion | Abraham Wyner

Markos Moulitsas has every right to be furious. Undoubtedly he paid a large amount of money to Research 2000 to conduct weekly political opinion polls and the evidence is overwhelming he did not get what he paid for. What is less clear is that the results are actually fraudulent

Daily Kos lawsuit moves forward - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

California District Court judge appointed to resolve dispute over numbers from Research 2000

Kos' loss may be Republicans' gain - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas

GOPers may fare better with absence of Research2000/Kos polls

Keith Olbermann throws giant hissy fits - THE DAILY CALLER

US | Ruth Graham

Keith Olbermann throws giant hissy fits

Olbermann can't handle heat, leaves Daily Kos - POLITICO

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Olbermann has left the Kos over criticism by other bloggers about his recent criticism of the president

Olbermann leaves Daily Kos - POLITICO

Politics | interns

Olbermann flees liberal blogging site after being attacked for criticizing the president’s Oval Office address