Tiny Smart car to get redesign - USA Today

Business | Kells Hetherington

But not until 2014

What Happens When a State Goes Bankrupt? - Ricochet

Politics | Pat McMahon

A look at various questions about states going into bankruptcy

Unaffiliated voters look to punish Dems for votes - TheDC

Politics | Alexis Levinson

Most voters oppose the reelection of anyone who voted for the health care law, auto bailouts, stimulus plan

Road test: Automakers battle for top cop car - Jalopnik

Tech | interns

Ford’s decision to cease production of the iconic Crown Victoria has inspired Dodge, Ford, and GM to rethink the police cruiser

Germany ignores Soros as exports boom at consumers' expense - Bloomberg

Business | Chad Brady (admin)

Foreign sales accounted for 41 percent of German GDP in 2009, compared with 13 percent in Japan and 11 percent in the U.S.

Obama blasts 'just say no' Republicans in autos victory lap - The Hill

Politics | interns

Obama boasted of jobs that have been saved at the Detroit-area auto plant, and told workers in the swing state to remember the naysayers

Gibbs takes swipe at Rush Limbaugh - WSJ

Politics | Pat McMahon

White House goes after the conservative radio talk show host over criticism over ‘government takeovers’ of companies

Geithner says bailout money is being repaid - AP

Business | interns

Treasury secretary tells watchdog panel that taxpayers are recovering their investment from the financial bailouts; acknowledges there will probably be loss from rescue of insurer, American International Group

Puts and Calls: Chalking up political points on financial regulatory reform - The Daily Caller

Business | Tom Karol

Financial reform marches on as Wall Street retreats. Sen. Judd Gregg blasts the reform package as mostly scoring cheap political points and Fannie and Freddie escape unscathed

Puts and Calls: Chrysler and Germany’s case on Greece - The Daily Caller

Business | Tom Karol

Tom Karol examines the financial news at the start of the week

GM’s tricky payback

Opinion | Hans Bader

Questioning the legality of General Motors’ ‘refund’

Taxing banks, no thanks

Feature:Opinion | Douglas Holtz-Eakin

Financial regulation reform is one of the most important initiatives the country faces. A bank tax isn’t going to help us now

GM and Chrysler are lobbying. So what?

Opinion | Iain Murray

Some people, especially conservatives, are outraged that these government-owned entities are lobbying the same federal government that backs them. That outrage is misplaced

Daimler pays $185m in corruption charges - BBC NEWS

Business | interns

German car-maker Daimler has pleaded guilty to corruption in the US and will pay $185m (£121m) to settle the case

A lesson in profit

Opinion | Marsha Enright and Gen LaGreca

If our nation is to cultivate productive geniuses like Henry Ford, it must proclaim that the quest for profit is moral and noble

Wards of the state lobbying Congress for climate change

Opinion | Tom Borelli

GM and its auto industry competitors Chrysler and Ford are lobbying for climate-change legislation

German car maker Daimler pays for bribes - THE GUARDIAN

Business | interns

German carmaker Daimler has reportedly agreed to pay $185m (£124m) in fines to settle a corruption investigation in the US

Congrats, Mr. President! You’re halfway there!

Feature:Opinion | Rep. Michele Bachmann

With the president’s signature on the health care bill Tuesday, roughly 50 percent of the U.S. economy has fallen under the purview of the federal government

Hit 'em while they're down - AP

Business | interns

Feinberg limits compensation for top executives at GMAC while the company continues to lose money

Amnesty bill is latest White House crisis

Feature:Opinion | Rep. Steve King

In November 2008, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” The Obama White House has followed this Rahmism to a tee