Dale Peterson Is Back On His Horse, Running For Office Again

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‘The establishment will not give me any money’

11 Criminals Who Would Be Fun As Members Of Congress

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Hey, we’ve all made mistakes

Dale Peterson explains 'bizarre' arrest for eating '22 cents worth of peanuts'

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‘I can tell you right now on a stack of Bibles, Dale Peterson is not a thief’

Dale Peterson busted for shoplifting 'CASHEWS?!'

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‘Authorities said Peterson ate a can of cashew nuts, put the empty can back on the store shelf and walked out’

Dale Peterson fighting accusations he tried to steal beer from Wal-Mart

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Dale Peterson

Folk hero famous for standing up to ‘thugs and criminals’ accused of being thief

Remember gun-toting Dale Peterson? He's back [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Alabama man back to support wife’s run for president of public service commission

Alabama YouTuber Dale Peterson hits the campaign trail again - TheDC

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The gun-toting Alabaman is back on the road

Viral-video Alabama candidate: 'I give a rip' - TheDC

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Dale Peterson of Alabama launches new PAC to combat ‘professional politicians’

Dale Peterson ain't going anywhere, America! - TheDC

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The former candidate for Alabama agriculture commissioner launched a write-in candidacy for the CPAC presidential straw poll Friday

Not much in common - TheDC

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Socialists and Tea Partiers only have two things in common: their dislike for each other and Obama

Peterson's sign-stealing enemy up in 'ag commish' race poll - TheDC

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The opponent of the former Alabama ‘ag commish’ candidate and YouTube sensation has a razor-thin lead heading into Tuesday’s Republican run-off

Ala. filmmaker pioneers a new kind of campaign ad - TheDC

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Meet the man behind the explosive viral ads for gun-totin’ Dale Peterson and ‘gather your armies’ Rick Barber

Dale Peterson: Obama has 'never been a leader in his life' - THE DAILY CALLER

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The former Alabama agriculture commissioner candidate, who went viral with his campaign videos, speaks candidly with The DC

GOP candidate may be next Dale Peterson [video] - The Daily Caller

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Congressional candidate demonstrates his love for guns in new ad

Alabama's Web-only productions - The Daily Caller

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It was a rough night for some of the state’s viral campaign video stars

The legend of Dale Peterson

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Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries candidate Dale Peterson becomes a star overnight due to over-the-top campaign video; fans suggest he run for president.