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Dale Peterson Is Back On His Horse, Running For Office Again

Dale and Kathy Peterson

‘The establishment will not give me any money’

11 Criminals Who Would Be Fun As Members Of Congress


Hey, we’ve all made mistakes

Dale Peterson explains 'bizarre' arrest for eating '22 cents worth of peanuts'

Dale and Kathy Peterson

‘I can tell you right now on a stack of Bibles, Dale Peterson is not a thief’

Dale Peterson busted for shoplifting 'CASHEWS?!'

‘Authorities said Peterson ate a can of cashew nuts, put the empty can back on the store shelf and walked out’

Dale Peterson fighting accusations he tried to steal beer from Wal-Mart

Dale Peterson

Folk hero famous for standing up to ‘thugs and criminals’ accused of being thief

Remember gun-toting Dale Peterson? He's back [VIDEO] - TheDC

Alabama man back to support wife’s run for president of public service commission

Alabama YouTuber Dale Peterson hits the campaign trail again - TheDC

Dale Peterson

The gun-toting Alabaman is back on the road

Viral-video Alabama candidate: 'I give a rip' - TheDC


Dale Peterson of Alabama launches new PAC to combat ‘professional politicians’

Dale Peterson ain't going anywhere, America! - TheDC

The former candidate for Alabama agriculture commissioner launched a write-in candidacy for the CPAC presidential straw poll Friday

Not much in common - TheDC

Socialists and Tea Partiers only have two things in common: their dislike for each other and Obama

Peterson's sign-stealing enemy up in 'ag commish' race poll - TheDC

The opponent of the former Alabama ‘ag commish’ candidate and YouTube sensation has a razor-thin lead heading into Tuesday’s Republican run-off

Ala. filmmaker pioneers a new kind of campaign ad - TheDC

Meet the man behind the explosive viral ads for gun-totin’ Dale Peterson and ‘gather your armies’ Rick Barber

Dale Peterson: Obama has 'never been a leader in his life' - THE DAILY CALLER

The former Alabama agriculture commissioner candidate, who went viral with his campaign videos, speaks candidly with The DC

GOP candidate may be next Dale Peterson [video] - The Daily Caller

Congressional candidate demonstrates his love for guns in new ad

Alabama's Web-only productions - The Daily Caller

It was a rough night for some of the state’s viral campaign video stars

The legend of Dale Peterson

Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries candidate Dale Peterson becomes a star overnight due to over-the-top campaign video; fans suggest he run for president.