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Leftist Actor Rallies For Hollywood Movie Tax Credits

A LAPD helicopter flies over the Hollywood sign in Hollywood

Hollywood Rolls Out A Lethal Weapon

'Lethal Weapon' star Danny Glover says US should 'abolish guns' [VIDEO]

‘We should abolish guns, the personal guns, that’s how far I’m willing to go’

'Lethal Weapon' actor tells students Second Amendment was intended to preserve slavery

Danny Glover Predator 2

Danny Glover explains ‘genesis of the right to bear arms’ at MLK Breakfast, Danny Glover push Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary - TheDC

Paul Krugman three-photo combo

Petition: ‘Krugman will … help defeat the austerity dogma in Washington and around the world’

Park 51 Twitter guru defends his not-so-sweet tweets - TheDC

Park 51 Twitter guru defends his not-so-sweet tweets attacking Ground Zero mosque opponents

The 'useful idiot' phenomenon returns with a vengeance - TheDC

Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, and Rep. Jan Schakowsky flak for leftist leaders in Latin America

Union thugs take to college campuses

High noon at George Mason University: Cafeteria employees face union intimidation, lies daily

Danny Glover wants Oscar guests to boycott Hugo Boss -

Actor Danny Glover is asking all Oscar nominees and presenters to boycott Hugo Boss tonight

In Haiti gaffe debate, crazy comes from both sides

Prior to the distraction of boys, designers jean and the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack, however, I paid enough attention in elementary school to pick up the basic cause of earthquakes: tectonic plates—rubbing together like Oprah’s thighs when she wears corduroy—cause the fault line area to shake like Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua at the groomer.

Danny Glover: Global warming caused Haitian earthquake

Danny Glover cites America, global warming and the fact we did not sign at Copenhagen as reasons for the earthquake