What Lady Gaga Just Said About That Dionne Warwick Movie

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
Lady Gaga

‘Musical nemesis’

Danny Glover Just Revealed Who He's Supporting For President

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘We are going to change this country’

Leftist Actor Rallies For Hollywood Movie Tax Credits

Entertainment | Chuck Ross
A Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) helicopter flies over the Hollywood sign in Hollywood, California February 21, 2014. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Hollywood Rolls Out A Lethal Weapon

'Lethal Weapon' star Danny Glover says US should 'abolish guns' [VIDEO]

Gun Links | Nicholas Ballasy

‘We should abolish guns, the personal guns, that’s how far I’m willing to go’

'Lethal Weapon' actor tells students Second Amendment was intended to preserve slavery

Education | Eric Owens

Danny Glover explains ‘genesis of the right to bear arms’ at MLK Breakfast

MoveOn.org, Danny Glover push Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

Petition: ‘Krugman will … help defeat the austerity dogma in Washington and around the world’

Park 51 Twitter guru defends his not-so-sweet tweets - TheDC

US | Chris Moody

Park 51 Twitter guru defends his not-so-sweet tweets attacking Ground Zero mosque opponents

The 'useful idiot' phenomenon returns with a vengeance - TheDC

US | Jamie Weinstein

Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, and Rep. Jan Schakowsky flak for leftist leaders in Latin America

Union thugs take to college campuses

Opinion | Bedford

High noon at George Mason University: Cafeteria employees face union intimidation, lies daily

Danny Glover wants Oscar guests to boycott Hugo Boss - CoCoPerez.com

Entertainment | Pat McMahon

Actor Danny Glover is asking all Oscar nominees and presenters to boycott Hugo Boss tonight

In Haiti gaffe debate, crazy comes from both sides

Opinion | Traci Skene

Prior to the distraction of boys, designers jean and the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack, however, I paid enough attention in elementary school to pick up the basic cause of earthquakes: tectonic plates—rubbing together like Oprah’s thighs when she wears corduroy—cause the fault line area to shake like Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua at the groomer.

Danny Glover: Global warming caused Haitian earthquake


Danny Glover cites America, global warming and the fact we did not sign at Copenhagen as reasons for the earthquake