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GOP Rep. Darrell Issa Cuts Right To The Heart Of FBI Scandal: 'Peter Strzok Is A Bad Guy'

Politics | Nick Givas
Slams Strzok for using federally funded cell phone for affair

Issa Humiliates Strzok In Incredible Moment - Forces Him Read Aloud His Own Anti-Trump Texts

Politics | Benny Johnson
"What the F happened to our country..."

President Trump's Decision To Punish ZTE Is Justified And Firm

| Rep. Darrell Issa
The president has shown he is determined to rebalance our trading relationships

Democrats Avoid Lockout, Advance In Many California Races

Politics | Robert Donachie
GOP takes the top spot in many...

Darrell Issa Retiring -- GOP Mass Exodus Continues

Politics | Jack Crowe
The retirements are an issue

Californians Prepare For Higher Gas Prices Thanks To Governor Brown And Democrats

Energy | Chris White
'They go ahead and hike gas tax'

GOP Rep Jokes Mulvaney Should Hire Freedom Caucus Members To Get Them To Compromise

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'Best line I've heard in five years'

Democratic PAC Ad Targets Vulnerable GOP Rep

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'We're using humor'

Issa Calls For Hearing On White Supremacist Groups

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'We have a duty to more fully understand what led to these terrible events'

House Passes Medical Malpractice Tort Reform Bill

Politics | Kerry Picket
'One of the chief failings of the Affordable Care Act is that it never addressed the true cost-drivers of healthcare'

Issa Slams James Comey, Says He Loved The Spotlight

Politics | Amber Athey
'Ill-served the American people'

GOP Lawmakers Warn Special Counsel Could Harm Trump Admin

Politics | Kerry Picket
'They'll be wanting some scalp to put up'

A Republican Congressman Reportedly Flipped Off A Reporter When Asked About The Comey Memo

Politics | Amber Athey
He denies it ever happened

Chairman Chaffetz Should Hand Over The Gavel, But To Whom?

Opinion | Benjamin Cole
Rep. Darrell Issa has been chairman before. He knows the ropes.

The Tech Industry Visited Capitol Hill, And They Had Something To Say About Trump

Business | Ted Goodman
Some in the tech world expressed confidence in the president's message

Congress Considers Splitting The 9th Circuit

Politics | Kevin Daley
Trump is all for it

Issa Faces Severe Setbacks In 2018, Poll Reveals

Politics | Phillip Stucky
Huge drop in favorability

House Republican Clarifies Position On Special Prosecutor In Trump-Russia Probe

Politics | Chuck Ross

Darrell Issa: Jeff Sessions Should Recuse Himself From Trump-Russia Probe

Politics | Chuck Ross
Calls for special prosecutor

Issa Just Called Out A Room Full Of Tech CEOs

Politics | Thomas Phippen
80 percent of you voted for Hillary

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