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As liberals support Christie during scandal, conservatives abandon him


‘This may be the rare time conservatives cheer on MSNBC’

Watch this high school senior's epic takedown of Common Core

‘Somewhere our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves’

Obama's guy slams loser Spitzer


Client 9 fails in bid to become comptroller

Coulter: 'Now the world is laughing at us'

Conservative commentator says double standard applied to Syrian intervention

Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz is a terrorist

‘Hardball’ host calls Texas senator’s efforts to defund Obamacare ‘political terrorism’ despite objects from David Axelrod, Steve Schmidt

'Absurd': David Axelrod utterly dismisses Anthony Weiner's mayoral bid

‘He is not going to be the next mayor of New York. He is wasting time and space’

Big government means permanent scandals

On that much, David Axelrod is right.

Scarborough goes off on Axelrod in DOJ's AP scandal

Morning Joe host doubts Justice Dept.’s AP scandal is a product of pressure to find national security leaks

Axelrod goes silent after Boston Marathon suspects ID'd as Muslim

David Axelrod

Reliable producer of gaffes shows again why he’s more effective outside the Obama administration

David Axelrod blames the NRA for Chicago's gun violence issues

David Axelrod

‘People are afraid of the NRA and trading their jobs for young lives in places like Chicago’

Woodward, Axelrod spar over Sperling email, sequester

Bob Woodward

Former White House top adviser pushes back against critical WaPo reporter

David Axelrod joins MSNBC, NBC News


‘He will contribute frequently across all broadcasts and platforms of both networks’

Obama attempts to force companies to reveal political donations through SEC


‘This is all you need to know about this administration’s view of free speech’

The real tragedy: four more years of Axelrod's 'stache [PHOTO] - TheDC

David Axelrod

Obama’s top advisor said that he would shave his mustache if Obama lost

Axelrod vows to shave moustache if Obama loses specific states - TheDC

David Axelrod

‘I have put my moustache on the line,’ Muppet-like advisor claims

Axelrod downplays political impact of pending jobs report


‘I think the American people understand the larger distinctions that play here’

Messina, Axelrod set Obama spin machine to max as Election Day nears - TheDC

David Axelrod and Jim Messina - AP Photo

Obama campaign manager: Mitt Romney ‘bluffing about momentum he doesn’t have’

Axelrod entangles White House in Delphi scandal [AUDIO]

Auto Parts Supplier Delphi

‘This was not the decision of the president’

David Axelrod after final presidential debate: 'I think we're in the lead'

Obama And Romney Square Off In First Presidential Debate In Denver

‘I believe we are in a very strong position to win this race. I think we’re in the lead’