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INCEST DESK: BuzzFeed, Media Matters Launch Attack On Conservative Website


Strange bedfellows: BuzzFeed and Media Matters

'Faith For Hillary' Leader Works For Liberal Group That Targets Christians


‘A conservative, Christian-influenced ideology’

Media Matters Employees Are Now Publicly Attacking Their Bosses

David Brock. Getty Images.

Hypocrisy hits hard at home

Media Matters' Brock: We Appreciate Soros Funding To Pursue Journalists

Billionaire investor Soros attends WEF in Davos

What the heck is up with David Brock’s hair, voice and ability to interact with others?

David Brock blasts 'smutmongers' despite running group that smears conservatives

David Brock Media Matters McAuliffe Fundraiser

American Bridge and Media Matters exist to smear opponents

The Politico forgets that Hillary Clinton's people invented birtherism

Hillary Clinton waves. Getty Images.

And a few other things

Morning Mirror

morning mirror 7 x 3-2

Media Matters' campaign against Rush Limbaugh hurt progressive talk radio

‘A lot of advertisers right across the board said just pull me out of all talk radio’

David Brock arrested for stealing fuel from parish

Oil Prices

Fuel valued at over $3,800

NRA president on Media Matters' illegal guns: 'We'd be in prison' [VIDEO]

They ‘think the world is designed just for them and that everyone else is a second-class citizen’

Brock's Glocks: Media Matters illegally armed bodyguard for founder's defense - TheDC

MMFA Glock composite

In anti-gun DC, Media Matters gave bodyguard illegal weapons to guard founder David Brock

In praise of Jonathan Krohn

At least he’s honest.

After slow start, Brock's American Bridge takes $1 mil from Soros - TheDC

Soros Donations.JPEG

David Brock may have lied about the financial strength of his super PAC

Media Matters' targets revealed: business, wealth, Christianity - TheDC

Holy Bible

Tax-exempt application describes targeting ‘viewpoints that tend to overly promote … conservative, Christian-influenced ideology’

Rush Limbaugh: Media Matters, David Brock are 'jock itch' - TheDC

‘It’s a chafing little rash in there. That’s all they are,’ says Limbaugh

Harry Reid: 'I don't know' if my relationship with Media Matters violates tax-exempt status - TheDC

Senate Democrats

Senate majority leader says he will help David Brock ‘any way I can’

Reid to 'promote' anti-Fox News Media Matters book - TheDC


‘Because if there’s anyone that needs to feel good about someone else beating up on Fox, it’s me’

Media Matters on Daily Caller series: We don't 'respond to trolls' - TheDC

‘I’m not going to respond to an article that’s basically filled up with just crap’

Media Matters' Brock paid former partner $850k in 'blackmail' settlement - TheDC

Media Matters founder David Brock (YouTube Screen Grab)

Partner allegedly threatened to release ‘derogatory information about him and his organization to the press and donors’

Breitbart: David Brock 'twitchy and antisocial,' in cahoots with HuffPo - TheDC

Andrew Breitbart

‘Something was clearly not right with this guy,’ Breitbart recalls from a Christmas brunch in 1997