The Moral Incoherence Of The Anthem Protests

Opinion | David Cohen
SANTA CLARA, CA - SEPTEMBER 12: Colin Kaepernick #7 and Eric Reid #35 of the San Francisco 49ers kneel in protest during the national anthem prior to playing the Los Angeles Rams in their NFL game at Levi's Stadium on September 12, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Kaepernick and his fellow protestors are severely lacking in perspective.

Trump's "Tight Slap" To Pakistan Cheers India

Opinion | David Cohen
U.S. President Donald Trump announces his strategy for the war in Afghanistan during an address from Fort Myer, Virginia, U.S., August 21, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

No previous commander-in-chief had delivered this message forcefully as Trump did.

Indian PM's Historic Trip To Israel: Great For Both Countries--And The U.S.

Opinion | David Cohen

The U.S., like Israel, will soon come to appreciate its natural alliance with the world’s largest democracy.

Tillerson Prepares The State Department For Change

Opinion | David Cohen
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks about the chemical weapons attack in Syria during a meeting with Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray at the State Department in Washington, U.S., April 5, 2017. (PHOTO: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

“America first for national security and economic prosperity.”

Trump Sends A Message That Was Heard From One End of Asia To The Other

Opinion | David Cohen
U.S. President Donald Trump delivers a statement about missile strikes on a Syrian airbase at his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S., April 6, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Syria strike restores U.S. credibility, but Trump has not gone “neocon.”

The NYPD Has Become A Counter-Terrorism Powerhouse Since 9/11

US | JP Carroll
New York Police Commissioner Kelly gestures to show the path of a bullet that injured NYPD officer Ivan Marcano while answering questions at a news conference at NYPD Headquarters in New York

September 11, 2016 marks 15 years since the deadly terrorist attacks

India's Prime Minister Rocks Silicon Valley

Opinion | David Cohen

Seeking America’s help to build ‘Digital India.’

As The Smoke Clears In Baltimore, It's Time To Revive Compassionate Conservatism

Opinion | David Cohen
Protestors march down the middle of West North Avenue as they demonstrate against police brutality and celebrate the charges against the arresting officers in the death of neighborhood resident Freddie Gray in West Baltimore, Maryland May 2, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

Our inner cities must do better, and liberalism has run out of answers.

Can Marco Rubio Build A Rainbow On The Right?

Opinion | David Cohen

And can he become the Republican John F. Kennedy?

In Lashing Out At Netanyahu, Democrats Insult Us All

Opinion | David Cohen

Their personal insults mock compelling concerns about America’s security and Israel’s survival.

Obama Insults India, Krauthammer Defends Her

Opinion | David Cohen
Barack Obama speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington

The President’s “other” National Prayer Breakfast gaffe raises eyebrows.

Ferguson Brings Back Memories Of Samoan Police Shootings

Opinion | David Cohen

Reflections of a conservative who protested police brutality.

Team Obama Inadvertently Takes 'Credit' for Ensuring Iran Goes Nuclear

Opinion | David Cohen

Has the President’s pressure on Israel guaranteed that Iran will get nukes?

Modi, And India, Take Their Place On The World Stage

Opinion | David Cohen

The new prime minister is the opposite of Obama.

Let's Stop Saying That Islamists Are Fighting The 'West'

Opinion | David Cohen

They’re fighting everyone, and it’s important to remember that.

No Country Has More Friends Of Israel Than ... India?

Opinion | David Cohen

Hindus and Jews have much in common.

The Left's Crush On Hamas

Opinion | David Cohen

Hamas minus IDF equals ISIS.

Hating Israel: BDS Stands For 'Bigoted Double Standards'

Opinion | David Cohen

The anti-Israel crusade is an anti-Jewish crusade.

Can We Find The Path To 'Minimum Government, Maximum Governance'?

Opinion | David Cohen

America must pursue its own version of the Indian leader’s vision.