Former NY governor to Manhattan DA: drop 'unusually cruel' gun charges against Marine - TheDC

Gun Laws & Legislation | Steven Nelson

Democrat David Paterson, who received an ‘F’ rating from the NRA, calls for discretion

NY Gov. Paterson calls for snow slowdown probe - NYP

Politics | wrahn

Outgoing Gov. David Paterson called this morning for a criminal investigation into allegations that a slowdown by plow operators contributed to the city’s blizzard woes

Gov. Paterson commutes sentence of black Long Island dad convicted of killing white teen - NY Post

Politics | Vince Coglianese

A black Long Island homeowner who fatally shot a white teen he feared was part of a “lynch mob” looking to attack his family walked free yesterday

Time to put lame-ducks out of our misery

Opinion | Derek Hunter

Lame-duck legislative sessions are morally bankrupt, but don’t expect them to end any time soon.

Don't ban fracking

Energy | Raymond Keating

Fracking, a process used to extract natural gas from rock, is coming under attack.

NY governor fined $62K over Yankees Series tickets - AP

Politics | wrahn

New York Gov. David Paterson contradicted his staff, the Yankees and common sense when he falsely claimed he always intended to pay for five tickets to the first game of the 2009 World Series at Yankee Stadium

Outgoing New York Governor doubts state is governable - NYDN

Politics | wrahn

Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo has said all the right things about changing Albany, but his predecessor questions whether one person can make a difference

Christie to Paterson: Stop screwing with us! - NYDN

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Gov. Christie responds to Gov. Paterson’s idea that the Garden State share in the re-construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge

Charlie Sheen in two and a half ounces

Opinion | Ron Hart

Is TV star Charlie Sheen running for governor of New York?

Carl Paladino’s greatest (?) hits

Politics | Mary Katharine Ham

Current unfit governor, and former unfit governor, criticize Tea Party candidate as unfit

Opinion | Rusty Weiss

Why are David Paterson and Elliot Spitzer criticizing someone else for being unfit for office?

Online dating, bedbugs addressed in new NY laws - AP

Business | admin

Among 26 vetoes, Gov. David Paterson again sank a proposal to create a commission that would promote commemorations of the War of 1812

Investigator: Gov. Paterson lied about Yankees tickets - NY Post

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Paterson may be charged after lying about his efforts to score free World Series tickets

Supporters: Church ignored in NYC mosque furor - AP

US | admin

A Greek Orthodox church destroyed on Sept. 11 has not been rebuilt and has been lost in the fray over the proposed mosque

Seneca Nation wants Bloomberg out over 'cowboy' comment - Fox News

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

The mayor made the comments last week during an on-air discussion about the cigarette tax the state of New York wants to impose on Indian tribes

Paterson may meet with Ground Zero mosque leaders - Politico

Politics | Pat McMahon

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) said that he spoke with the New York governor who will discuss the possibility of moving the Islamic center to a new site

Obama tries to limit damage from statement - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

The President said he had not expressed an opinion the day before on whether a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero is appropriate, as the White House scrambled to limit the political damage

Top Dems rally around Rep. Rangel at NY fundraiser - AP

Politics | admin

Hundreds of supporters crowded into the Grand Ballroom at Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel for the fundraiser, which was tied to Rangel’s 80th birthday

N.Y. Dems plan birthday bash for Rangel at the Plaza - The Hill

Politics | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Democratic leaders and major party donors plan to hold a lavish 80th birthday gala for Rep. Charles Rangel in Manhattan next month