Damn You, 2017! Celebrities We Have Lost This Year [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Hannah Simmons

Here’s to a better 2018

Sick: Liberal Journalists Celebrate The Death Of Fox News Founder Roger Ailes

Politics | Derek Hunter
Roger Ailes (Getty Images)

“F**k him and f**k you you f******g j**z rags”

Fans Are Livid Over This Picture The NY Times Tweeted With Carrie Fisher's Obituary

US | Derek Hunter
Carrie Fisher in "Starwars Episode IV: A New Hope" (1977) (Photocredit: 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm)

‘Of all the photos you could use…’

See The Moment In 1998 When George Michael Came Out As A Gay Man [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Derek Hunter
"But, you know, this is as good a time as any."

'Gay Marriage' Will Lead To 'Mass Killings Once Again,' Ben Carson Prophesies

Education | Eric Owens
public domain, Shutterstock/Romolo Tavani

‘This is the nation that stands between peace and utter chaos’

Special Prom Planned For Girl Who Has Decided To End Her Life

US | Mary Lou Lang

After that she will come home and begin her journey to heaven

Daily Caller Pro Tip: Don't Take So Much Anti-Diarrhea Medicine That You Die

US | Eric Owens
Imodium YouTube screenshot/CBS New York

‘Taking 300 pills is not unheard of’

Muhammad Ali In 1977: I Will Use Retirement To 'Get Myself Ready To Meet God'

Sports | Derek Hunter

‘What am I going to do when I’m through fighting? Get myself ready to meet God and go to the best place’

College Student's Unusual Death By Chewing Gum Shocks School

Sports | Eric Owens

‘She will be missed’

Medical Examiner Releases Details About Death Of Clay Aiken Primary Opponent

Politics | Alex Pappas

Keith Crisco was in a too-close-to call Democratic congressional primary

Handcuffed Student Falls Off Police Boat, Drowns

Education | Katie Frates
Handcuffed Students Falls Off Police Boat, Drowns

The incident remains under investigation

'Fast and Furious' actor Paul Walker dies in car crash

Entertainment | Reuters
Porsche blames Paul Walker for car wreck that killed him. (Photo: Getty Images)

Vehicle engulfed in flames

10 famous last words

Entertainment | Bethan Owen

‘I never should have switched from scotch to martinis’

All moderately entertaining things must come to an end

TheDC Morning | Jamie Weinstein
Kim Jong Un

TheDC Morning bids a fond farewell

Larry Ellison And Other Tech Billionaires Are Trying To Cure Death, Too

| Business Insider

Google isn’t the only big name in tech working on a “cure” for death, or at least a cure for a lot of the things associated with aging.

11 signs you might be dead

Entertainment | Scoops Delacroix

Feeling less than fresh? These telltale signs may explain why

Social media control after death

Tech | Yahoo News

New Hampshire and other states look to determine Facebook ownership after death

U.S. death toll in record heat wave reaches 52 - UPI

US | InternAdmin

Maryland and Virginia have reported 10 deaths each

Men at Work musician Greg Ham found dead - AP

Entertainment | InternAdmin

Police will not release details on how Ham, 58, died, or if the circumstances were suspicious