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Sister of 9/11 victim presses Obama on ending investigation into CIA interrogators - TheDC

Obama, Bush

‘No, I will not’ Obama ‘defiantly’ told Debra Burlingame before he ‘turned and walked away’ at meeting with 9/11 family members

Mosque supporters, opponents clash near Ground Zero - TheDC

Thousands withstood the rain Sunday to protest the planned Islamic community center and mosque, Cordoba House, sparking heated debate

Cordoba mosque protest rally Sunday near Ground Zero - TheDC

9/11 families, activists demanding answers about mosque funding near attack site

Cuomo: Islamophobia motivates Ground Zero mosque critics - TheDC

The AG responds to a letter from Lazio demanding the launch of an investigation of the Cordoba Initiative

Obama offers oil rig families hope, but nothing will change

The American people will never forget those who died, but our leaders have shown in the past that they will. Will Obama be any different, or will those that have already suffered indescribable misery be saying the same thing a few months from now?