debt limit

The Oh-So-Familiar Debt Ceiling Dance

Opinion | Robert P. Murphy
We don’t need any more tinkering with the rules.

Sorry debt limit, it's just not working out

Opinion | Jonathan Bydlak
It hasn't done what it was supposed to do: Limit spending

How Ted Cruz, FreedomWorks, and Heritage Action lost the government shutdown

Opinion | Ryan Ellis
The Vitter Amendment would have been a decent fig leaf.

The budget showdown concludes -- with setting up a new one

Opinion | Tad DeHaven
The GOP doesn't look any better going into the next budget fight in January.

In praise of Barack Obama

Opinion | John Tate
'I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt limit.'

Dems rip debt ceiling meeting: This hearing is about how to create chaos'

Politics | Betsi Fores
'This crisis is manufactured by Republicans'

Congressman wants to cut salaries of lawmakers if federal spending increases

Politics | Alex Pappas
'So if spending goes up by 10%, we’re reducing your salary by 10%'

Rep. Rush: Despite payroll tax hike, fiscal cliff deal a 'win-win' for Americans [VIDEO]

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
Dem congressman defends deal

House to take symbolic vote against debt hike

US | Kells Hetherington
GOP-controlled House on Wednesday kicked off another session by slating a futile vote against raising the government's borrowing cap by $1.2 trillion

Obama to ask for debt limit hike: Treasury official

Business | Kells Hetherington
The debt limit currently stands at $15.194 trillion

In political vote, House GOP opposes new borrowing

Business | InternAdmin
Democrats say vote was a waste of time

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