Mandatory Spending Is Quietly Killing America

op-ed | Eddie Zipperer
Money grows out of ground Shutterstock

I’m left to hope and pray that the fairy dust market will appreciate.

FACT CHECK: Is Half Of America Living Paycheck To Paycheck?

Politics | David Sivak
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks during a press briefing on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 7, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

‘Struggling to get by’

Puerto Rican Bankruptcy Sets A Horrible Precedent

Opinion | Derek Hunter
Governor Ricardo Rossello (L) talks with reporters after a speech in San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 9, 2017. REUTERS/Nick Brown

The island needs comprehensive structural reform in how their government does what it does.

Congress Says "Bah Humbug" To Future Generations Every Day The Debt Grows

Opinion | Adam Kazda
A person walks on the snow-covered grounds of the U.S. Capitol in Washington January 23, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Ebenezer Scrooge redeemed his behavior, and Congress should too.

Investigation Soon To Disclose Causes Of Puerto Rico's Financial Collapse -- And It Wasn't The Economy

Opinion | Richard Lawless

Sources close to the inter-agency investigations suggest that there was massive and repeated government theft of public funds, going on for over a decade.

How Long Can We Sustain Our Unsustainable Fiscal Policy?

Opinion | Bill Bergman
Senate Dems Ready To Go To War Over Obama's Budget Proposal (Getty Images)

How long can we sustain the unsustainable? Not much longer, is my prediction.

How Trump Could Be Pocketing His Own Campaign Money

Elections | Elena Weissmann

He claims to forgive his loans yet refuses to release the proof.

Americans Ratchet Up Record Credit Card Debt With 'Bad Habits'

Business | Steve Birr
A credit card user displays her cards in Washington February 22, 2010. New credit card rules that come into effect today, the second round of provisions from legislation known as the CARD act, will significantly affect how card issuers earn money by restricting their ability to charge fees and raise rates, especially on existing balances. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

‘All of this has us wondering: Is 2016 the next 2008 for credit markets?’

The Oh-So-Familiar Debt Ceiling Dance

Opinion | Robert P. Murphy
An ambulance is seen in front of the US Capitol October 16, 2013 in Washington, DC. US lawmakers embarked on another day of high-stakes political brinkmanship Wednesday, battling to scrape together an eleventh hour deal to protect Washington's battered financial standing. At midnight (0400 GMT), the US economy will sail into uncharted waters and the Treasury will no longer be able to guarantee it will be able to meet its obligations and avert a devastating debt default. The only way to avert this peril, which could send global markets into turmoil and threaten another recession, would be for Congress to agree to raise the US government's $16.7 trillion debt ceiling. (KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

We don’t need any more tinkering with the rules.

Can America Avoid Slipping Into A Greek Tragedy?

Business | Guy Bentley

There a lot of angry voices, but what everyone needs is a little context

Greek Voters Got It Right, Here's Why We Should Pay Attention

Opinion | David Silverstein

It may be time for all leaders in the West to think about what a debt reset would look like at home.

Facts Notably Absent At Capitol Hill Event Pushing Debt-Free College

Education | Chloe Stevenson
Debt-free college experience

‘I grew up in an America that supported people like me’

Last “Weak” Tonight

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter

Obama's Economy In Action! Debt Collectors Now Chase 35 PERCENT Of All Americans

US | Eric Owens

‘Every third person you pass on the street is going to have debt in collections’

Why does the US national debt matter?

US | Breanna Deutsch

Here are six reasons

Democratic senator warns nation being 'swallowed up' by $17 trillion debt

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘That’s not the way our Constitution was designed’

Sen. Tom Coburn: America in debt crisis 'not because we didn't agree, but because we did'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘The American people don’t believe we have a debt ceiling’

Chinese agency downgrades US debt, despite budget deal

Business | Tim Cavanaugh

Dagong Global Credit Rating says congressional debt agreement just made likelihood of default more clear

This is why you don't skip out on your bar tab

US | Buzz60

Social media justice for chronic dine and dasher