Report: US Intel Indicates North Korea Now Has Everything It Needs To Nuke The US

World | Ryan Pickrell
The intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 is seen during its test launch in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang, July, 4 2017. KCNA/via REUTERS

Re-entry capability, miniaturized nuclear warheads, and an ICBM

North Korea Has Entered An Exclusive Nuclear Club That Has The World Reeling

World | Ryan Pickrell
The intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 is seen during its test in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang, July 5 2017. KCNA/via REUTERS

Miniaturized nuclear weapons

Former NSC Adviser Mike Flynn Loses His Security Clearance

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President Trump Holds Joint Press Conference With Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

Due diligence

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Flynn's Defiant Final Interview

Politics | Richard Pollock
Flynn sits before Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hold a joint press conference on February 10, 2017. Mario Tama/Getty Images.

Former adviser’s final interview before resignation

It's Now Clear America Witnessed A 'Well Orchestrated Effort' To Oust Mike Flynn

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘How did it justify that judicial request?’

Senior Intel Analysts Say They Were Kicked Out For Contradicting Obama's ISIS Agenda

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U.S. Army General Votel testifies during a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

Sources tell of a culture of fear at CENTCOM

Political Influence Won't Save Clinton From National Security Anger

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‘There are very strict lines that prevent the White House from ‘interfering’ with a particular case’

EXCLUSIVE: Former Obama Intel Chief Says Hillary Should Drop Out --- Now

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Hillary Clinton answers questions from an Action 350 activist in Dover, New Hampshire, Feb. 3, 2016. (Youtube screen grab)

‘Let this Federal Bureau of Investigation play out’

Report: White House ISIS Strategy Based On Falsified Reports

World | Ivan Plis
An image grab taken from an AFPTV video on September 16, 2014 shows a jihadist from the Islamic State (IS) group standing on the rubble of houses after a Syrian warplane was reportedly shot down by IS militants over the Syrian town of Raqa. (AFP/Getty Images)

A year of war ran on manufactured good news

Working to ensure better assimilation of intelligence data

Opinion | Rep. Adam Schiff

It is particularly disturbing that, at any given moment, the IC cannot report exactly how many contractors they’re using

Intel community heightens security after Post story - TheDC

US | Jon Ward

Intelligence community heightens security measures following Washington Post ‘Top Secret America’ story

Price of oil, price of freedom - Part II

Energy | Alex Beehler

While general awareness has been raised and maintained across the military enterprise, a holistic, well-integrated top-to-bottom, field-to-command game plan is yet to be devised, let alone implemented

Price of oil, price of freedom

Energy | Alex Beehler

It was two years ago, the first week of July, 2008, where a symbolic seminal confluence of energy and national security concerns may have occurred. For that week, the wholesale price of crude oil reached an all-time high of over $141/barrel.

Vietnam to Arizona: The strategy of moral misdirection

Opinion | Ed Ross

Americans should debate them on their relative merits without attempting to obscure their opponent’s objections on phony moral grounds. It’s as wrong to shout racist in the political forum when racism is not prevalent as it is to cry fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire

Keeping Iran’s hands off nukes

Opinion | Ed Ross

The use of U.S. military force in Iran is highly undesirable, but the threat of its use as negotiating leverage is essential; and for that threat to be credible, the U.S. must be willing to use overwhelming force, the lesser of two evils, as a last resort

Buying time for Iran’s Green Movement

Opinion | Christian Whiton

The mounting protests in Iran leave little doubt that the Tehran regime has entered its final decade. The mass expression of public dissent expected today coincides with the day 31 years ago when the Iranian revolution was launched. The Islamist theocracy that resulted commenced a low-intensity war against the United States and our allies, which has continued to this day and could soon get worse.

Iran makes ‘mincemeat’ out of U.S. intelligence

Opinion | James Zumwalt

Warfare—both ‘hot’ and ‘cold’—is a constant battle to gain an edge over the enemy. It can be achieved by gaining intelligence about enemy capabilities and plans or by misleading the enemy as to one’s own capabilities and plans. Depending on intent, the counter-intelligence game can be played to create a false perception by either showing a threat exists when it does not or does not exist when it does

Obama: 'Buck stops with me'


President Obama on Thursday ordered a series of steps to improve the government’s ability to collect, share, analyze and act on intelligence of terrorist threats, saying the findings of a government review of the attempted airline bombing on Christmas Day revealed significant shortcomings in national security.

Planning for the Future: How and Why to Salvage the Pentagon’s Quadrennial Defense Review

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“If you want peace, prepare for war,” Vegetius, a military scholar of the later Roman Empire, advised the rulers of Rome as they were planning and structuring their military. Vegetius had lived through Alaric’s sack of Rome, which had humiliated the once super-powerful Romans. This experience is a warning to current planners as well.