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Columbia Tells History Teachers How To Be 'Agents Of Social Justice'

Education | Rob Shimshock
Courses discuss 'post-whiteness' and how to 'decenter Whiteness'

Here's Why Colleges Are Quickly Dropping SAT And ACT Essay Requirements

Education | Rob Shimshock
Students 'really can't write'

One-Fifth Of North Carolina Students Aren't Going To Traditional Public Schools

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Families are ... used to having choices at their fingertips'

DC Mayor Uses First Veto To Stop Chronically Absent Kids From Graduating

Education | Rob Shimshock
'This legislation undercuts individualized graduation plans'

Cali Student Confesses Microaggressions In A 22-Page Paper

Education | Rob Shimshock
'I said the word 'f**got' a lot as a term of endearment'

Ohio College: Trump's Ditching Of Race-Based Admission Guidelines Won't Change A Thing

Education | Rob Shimshock
Comes after rescission of seven race-based admission guidelines

Brown University Becomes Last Ivy League School To Spike SAT/ACT Essay Requirement

Education | Rob Shimshock
'We don’t want this test to be a barrier'

$57 Million Will Go To Colleges For 'Inclusive Excellence' STEM Diversity Initiatives

Education | Rob Shimshock
Mount Mary University will use its funds to help faculty 'unlearn racism'

Cal Poly Wants Fewer White Students, Flouts Trump’s Race-Based Admission Repeal

Education | Rob Shimshock
'A more diverse and inclusive campus community'

Maryland Students Ask For Chinese New Year Off

Education | Rob Shimshock
'If you’re going to respect one culture ...'

Virginia School District Classifies Alleged Sexual Assault As 'Sexual Encounter' In Lawsuit Response

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Any reasonable person ... would recognize that she was describing nonconsensual activity'

Justice, Education Departments Tag-Team To Take Out Seven Race-Based Admission Documents

Education | Rob Shimshock
Documents are 'inconsistent with governing principles ... '

Trump Admin To End Obama's Race-Based College Admission Guidelines

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Being opposed to racial preferences is not being against diversity'

Thirty-Year Teaching Veteran Calls It Quits In Public Schools Due To Wages, Testing Demands

Education | Rob Shimshock
'I make a conscious effort to purge them from my mind'

DeVos-Funded Foster Agency Slams Trump's Zero-Tolerance Border Policy

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Keeping families in detention facilities is still extremely traumatic'

Mizzou's $49 Million Budget Deficit Is Just The Latest Downfall In Its Long History, According Missouri Sen

Education | Rob Shimshock
'MU was not willing at all to help me go to school'

The Next 500 Days: Time for Massive Government Reform

Opinion | Cherylyn Harley LeBon
It is troubling when government bureaucrats hurt the very people they allegedly serve

Senate Committee Wants To Spend $1 Billion On Career And Technical Education Programs

Education | Zachery Schmidt
'Would provide students and workers training they need'

Maryland Schools Leader Leaves District Plagued By Corruption Scandals

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Reckless disregard for taxpayer dollars'

UMass-Amherst Spikes Speech Zone Policy After Getting Sued

Education | Rob Shimshock
'That’s not a free marketplace'

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