REPORT: Carbon Capture Tech 'Will Never Be Viable'

Energy | Andrew Follett
Worker with piece of coal in her hand at an open pit (Shutterstock/Mark Agnor)

The technology is ‘little more than a utopian dream’

Experts And Trump Agree, The US Will Soon Be Major Exporter Of Energy

Energy | Andrew Follett
Landscape image of a oil well pumpjack wiith an early morning golden sunrise and American USA red White and Blue Flag background. (Shutterstock/ James BO Insogna)

‘I agree that the U.S. is close to becoming a net exporter of energy’

Rick Perry Says Obama Policies'Threatened The Reliability' Of The Electric Grid

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Rick Perry and Mike Pence (REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

‘It’s not feasible to rely exclusively on renewables’

Experts Say Green Energy Made Cyber Attacks On Power Grid Much Easier

Energy | Andrew Follett
Beautiful business woman having work problem because her office computer getting poisoning and feeling very sadness sitting at working desk thinking solution. (Shutterstock/PR Image Factory)

‘These lightly-protected systems could then be all too easily infiltrated

US Sailors Allegedly Sick From Fukushima Radiation To Sue Japan

Energy | Andrew Follett
Participating US Navy and Marine Corps personnel stand at attention at the promotion ceremony at the National September 11 Memorial site during Fleet Week 2015. (Shutterstock/Glynnis Jones)

The sailors got ‘much less [radiation] than airline crew members normally receive’

Oregon Energy Official Who Accepted $300k In Bribes Says Energy Department Is Deeply Corrupt

Energy | Anders Hagstrom
Photo of the United States Department of Energy (DOE) homepage on a monitor screen through a magnifying glass. (Shutterstock/Gil C)

‘The money just started showing up’

US Lab Hasn't Produced Plutonium Cores Since 2011 Due To Safety Concerns

Investigative Group | Ethan Barton
A nuclear bomb detonates on the ocean. Source: Shutterstock/Romolo Tavani

‘**ck you, we’re not jumping’

Wind Lobby Releases Study To Undermine An Energy Department Report They Haven't Even Seen Yet

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry discusses his economic plan at a National Press Club luncheon speech in Washington

They haven’t even seen the report they’re ‘debunking’

Eighth Major Report Finds Water Contamination From Fracking 'Has Not Been Observed'

Energy | Andrew Follett
BOISE, IDAHO/USA - FEBRUARY 22, 2016: Protesters warning of the dangers of fracking in Boise, Idaho (Shutterstock/ txking)

‘The campaign to shut down fracking is based on politics, not science’

Media Take Aim At Rick Perry's Global Warming Views After DOE Nixes Climate Office

Energy | Chris White

‘This shouldn’t be a debate about is the climate changing’

Wind Energy Lobby Scrambles To Get Leaked Memo Taken Offline

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Leaked documents

Apparently, it wasn’t ‘old news’

DOE Eliminates 'Unnecessary' Office Promoting International Clean Energy Policies

Energy | Chris White
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry testifies before a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on his nomination to be Energy secretary at Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., January 19, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

‘Just like any responsible American business’

Trump Sued For Not Regulating Common Household Appliances

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Protesters carry signs during the Peoples Climate March at the White House in Washington

‘Unnecessary and illegal’

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Memo Details Wind Industry Campaign Against A Major Energy Dept Study

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Texas Governor Rick Perry speaks at the Defending the American Dream Summit sponsored by Americans For Prosperity at the Omni Hotel on August 29, 2014 in Dallas

They even got the New York Times on board

Expert: 5 Japanese Nuclear Workers Inhaled Plutonium, But This Used To Be Fairly Common

Energy | Andrew Follett
Radioactive waste ; Chemist in protective suit the disposal of radio active waste. (Shutterstock/overcrew)

‘Likely indicative of not implementing proper work precautions’

First US Natural Gas Shipment Arrives In Poland

Energy | Andrew Follett
Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a summit at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, China, May 15, 2017. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Russia isn’t happy

Economist Uncovers 'The Latest Solar Scam' In Minnesota

Energy | Andrew Follett
Solar Panels (Shutterstock/Lightboxx)

The scam isn’t even generating much electricity