Energy Dept Employee Tried To Get His Daughter Hired Over 130 Qualified Candidates

Energy | Thomas Phippen
Woman in a job interview (Shutterstock/ Antonio Guillem)

She ‘was not qualified for the position based on education and experience’

EXCLUSIVE: Lawmaker Investigates Gov't Employees Using Taxpayer Dollars To Get College Degrees Unrelated To Their Jobs

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Science Committee. Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

‘Could be an indication of a more widespread occurrence’

Refineries And Oil Rigs Shuttered By Harvey Are Coming Back Online

Energy | Tim Pearce
FILE PHOTO: Vessels pass an oil refinery in the waters off the southern coast of Singapore

The process could take months

Energy Analyst: DOE's Grid Study Raises Red Flags About Future Of Green Energy

Energy | Chris White
External View of the Department of Energy (Image:

‘They’ve given us a road sign’

Trump Pumps $50 Million Into Coal Plant Projects

Energy | Chris White
A dirty coalminer displays a lump of coal as a power and energy source. Shutterstock/Joe Belanger

[M]oney will go toward constructing and operating new facilities

DOE's Grid Study Recommends Trump Strip Down Regs On Coal Power Plants

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External View of the Department of Energy (Image:

‘Government has failed to keep pace’

Trump Rejects Request For Emergency Order Protecting US Coal Power Plants

Energy | Chris White
U.S. President Donald Trump announces his strategy for the war in Afghanistan during an address from Fort Myer, Virginia, U.S., August 21, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

‘{T]he evidence does not warrant the use of this emergency authority’

Department of Energy Predicts Coal Will Be King For The Next Two Years

Energy | Tim Pearce
COTTBUS, GERMANY - APRIL 12: Exhaust plumes from cooling towers at the Jaenschwalde lignite coal-fired power station, which is owned by Vatenfall, April 12, 2007 at Jaenschwalde, Germany. Germany is planning the construction of 40 new coal-fired power plants, though officials claim the plants are based on technology that radically increases their efficiency. The Jaenschwalde power plant, built by the former East German government in the 1980s, emits 25 million tons of CO2 annually and is among the biggest single producers of CO2 emissions in Europe. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

‘Leading source of U.S. electricity’

South Carolina Sues DOE For Using State As 'Dumping Ground'

Energy | Chris White
External View of the Department of Energy (Image:

‘Renege on its obligations’

Trump's Interior Secretary May Be The Key To Opening Yucca Mountain

Energy | Andrew Follett
Radioactive waste ; Chemist in protective suit the disposal of radio active waste. (Shutterstock/overcrew)

‘Enacted by the Obama Administration to thwart transportation to Yucca Mountain’

US Coal Will Help Secure Ukraine's Energy Independence From Russia

Energy | Tim Pearce
U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry addresses the media in Mexico City, Mexico July 13, 2017. REUTERS/Henry Romero

‘Russia has tried to choke off opposition’

Solar Companies Using '2008 Sub-Prime Lender' Tactics To Sell Panels

Energy | Andrew Follett
One of the largest solar companies in the country must pay tens of millions of dollars in fines. (Shutterstock/ Lightboxx)

‘Find seniors or low income vulnerable populations’