Trudeau Government Admits It Is Failing To Deport Security Risks

World | David Krayden
“ deportation is the prime focus for this government and they are failing on this.’

Wisconsin Court Prioritizes Avoiding Deportation Over The Second Amendment In Hierarchy Of Rights

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA
A misdemeanor is enough for a citizen to lose 2A rights, but it won't get an illegal deported

Amy Goodman Told CNN That Obama Deported More People Than ALL Previous Presidents Combined. We Fact Checked It

Politics | Emily Larsen
'Formidable immigration machinery'

Alleged Attempted Rapist Deported Multiple Times Is Only One Of Many With The Same Story

US | Justin Caruso
Rape culture

NYT Columnist Argues Illegal Immigrants Are Better Than American Citizens

US | Scott Greer
'So-called real Americans are screwing up America'

Liberals Flip Out Over Iraqi Christian Deportations, Overlook Policy Change

US | Scott Greer
'Bad hombres' can also be Christians from the Middle East

Drunk Driver Who Hit Family Returning From Disneyland Has Been Deported 15 Times

US | Derek Hunter
Leaves 6-year-old with severe brain injury.

FLASHBACK: Mexico Deported Charles Manson As An 'Undesirable Alien' In 1960

US | Eric Owens
The gruesome cult killer's return to the United States was amazingly routine at the time

Trump's Immigration Policies Spur Boom In Gang Tattoo Removal Business

US | Derek Hunter
San Francisco has seen a spike in removals since Trump's election.

Young Illegal Immigrants Are Avoiding Free School Lunches For This Reason

Education | Eric Owens
All students are eligible for free and reduced lunches regardless of immigration status

Deportations Of Visa Overstayers Have Fallen 80 PERCENT On Obama's Watch

US | Chuck Ross
Admin is deporting '1/20th of 1%' of visa overstayers

The Mass Deportation Straw Man

Opinion | Dan Stein
Enforcing our immigration laws would not result in an economic disaster.

Trump's Immigration Plan Is Actually 'Something Terrific'

Opinion | Mark Meckler
We are a nation of laws, and Americans want to see our laws followed.

ICE Failed To Deport 2 Illegals, Now Suspected Killers Of Grandmother

US | Timothy Meads
'They are not afraid of immigration enforcement'

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