Bulk Up For Summer

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This guy is getting ready for beach season (REUTERS/Mohammed Salem)
Get swole with EAS powders and shakes, on sale today

Mother Jones: Eating Three Meals A Day Is RACIST

US | Eric Owens
Getty Images, art by Eric Owens

It could also be bad for you, according to scientists who terrorize rats

Are your parents the reason you're lazy?

US | Sarah Hofmann

New study says loafing may be written in your genes

UK scientists: Frozen fruits and veggies are killers

World | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)

‘Consider, gentle reader’

First Lady: Fitness campaign not about 'telling people what to do,' it's a 'national security issue' - AP

Politics | admin

Obama tells ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ that improving diet and exercise habits is ‘a national security issue’

O-Mart: Michelle Obama throws weight behind Wal-Mart's healthy food push - AP

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Michelle Obama offers endorsement of Wal-Mart pressuring suppliers to make healthier foods

Roethlisberger out as captain, Dixon in at QB - AP

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In a different vote regarding the quarterbacks, Dixon got the one that counted — by coach Mike Tomlin

Weight loss surgeries in England jump tenfold - AP

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In 2000, there were 238 weight loss surgeries, but by 2007 there were 2,543 such operations

16 HS football players treated for severe muscle damage - AP

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All but three of the players who suffered muscle damage during preseason practice are expected to be out of the hospital Monday