Australian Diplomats Have A 600-Page Koala Manual

World | Ivan Plis

Cuddly, chlamydia-ridden ‘Cheech and Chongs’

Nuclear talks between Israel and Muslim countries canceled due to regional instability

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The meeting was supposed to be held later this year

Supporters of Taliban peace talks are delusional

Opinion | Patrick Knapp

Mullah Omar has added you as a friend. Why you shouldn’t confirm.

US sending diplomatic team to Libyan capital - AP

World | InternAdmin

U.S. will maintain a diplomatic presence in Benghazi for the time being

Representatives of 12 nations compete for the title of top embassy chef - TheDC

US | Melissa Benson

Diplomacy took a backseat to head-to-head cooking competition Tuesday night

Davis released from Pakistani prison after court 'bloody money' settlement - AP

World | admin

Murder charges of CIA contractor Raymond Allen Davis dropped after settlement with Pakistani victims’ families

Keeping America safe in the 21st century

Opinion | Frank Carlucci

Why the international affairs budget should be spared from budget cuts.

State Department begins tweeting in Arabic - AP

US | admin

‘We want to be in your conversation’

Big Obama donor quits envoy job amid criticism - AP

Politics | admin

Ambassador to Luxembourg and Obama donor, Cynthia Stroum has stepped down from her position

Obamas reap windfall in diplomatic gifts - AP

Business | admin

Foreign diplomats shower the Obamas with hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts

Smart power is critical to US military success

Opinion | Lt. General Donald L. Kerrick

We can honor Richard Holbrooke’s legacy by continuing his commitment to development and diplomacy.

Obama quietly stepping up Africa outreach in 2011 - AP

Politics | admin

He will focus in Africa on good governance and supporting nations with strong democratic institutions

WikiLeaks show US frustrated with Egyptian military - AP

Business | admin

Egypt’s military, the biggest recipient of U.S. military aid after Israel, is in decline, according to American diplomats

Chavez dares U.S. to kick out Venezuelan ambassador; U.S. does it - AP

World | admin

State Dept. says the U.S. has taken ‘appropriate, proportional and reciprocal action’

Wikileaks: Anna Nicole wreaked havoc in Bahamas - AP

Entertainment | admin

Anna Nicole Smith may have been a ‘B-list celebrity,’ but she endangered the entire government, according to newly leaked U.S. diplomatic cables

U.N. Security Council holds emergency meeting on Korea - AP

World | admin

S. Korea unwavering in intentions to conduct live-fire drills, despite threats from N. Korea of a ‘catastrophe’

Mullen: U.S. 'very ready' to counter Iran if provoked - AP

World | admin

Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb, chairman of the Joint Chiefs says

Cables: US doesn't expect Cuba upheaval with Castro death - AP

US | admin

U.S. diplomats in Havana don’t expect the revolutionary icon’s passing to generate any immediate unrest

Holbrooke critical after surgery for torn aorta - AP

Politics | admin

U.S. envoy’s condition remains serious

US cable: Cuba to be insolvent within 2-3 years - AP

Business | admin

A confidential U.S. diplomatic cable predicted Cuba’s economic situation could become “fatal” and detailed concerns from other countries’ diplomats