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All Charges Finally Dropped Against Trump Inauguration Day Rioters

US | Evie Fordham
'Created a danger for all who were nearby'

America Is Split Right Down The Middle On Abortion, Poll Shows

US | Grace Carr
Total divide

DC Is Literally Bribing Kids To Go To School

Education | Julia Cohen
Washington, D.C. is incentivizing kids to go to school with the possibility of winning Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards or movie tickets, according to the deputy mayor for education's Twitter account.

DC Abandons Ads Encouraging Public To Report Food Stamp Fraud

US | Thomas Phippen
'Not a reflection of our values'

DC Lawmaker Says Jewish Banking Family Controls The Weather

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man'

Hawaii House Passes Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide

US | Grace Carr
May be the 6th state to legalize assisted suicide

A Decade Later, Supreme Court Sanctions Arrests At THE Most Ratchet House Party

Politics | Kevin Daley
Justice Thomas called it "utter bacchanalia"

Former DC Official Exposes The Myth That Cities Are 'Leading' The Global Warming Fight

Energy | Michael Bastasch
It's a nice thought, but it's a total charade

EPA Will Delay Obama-Era Fracking Rules By Two Years

Energy | Andrew Follett
'The studies EPA used to justify this rule may have significantly overstated emissions'

Investigators: Former Head Of DC Schools Gave Preferential Treatment To Officials

US | Jonah Bennett
'I am deeply disappointed by these continual attacks on my integrity'

Top Tech Policy Think Tank Protests DC Bill To Crackdown On Airbnb Rentals

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Ease off on regulations, think tank says

Police Arrest Suspected DC Pervert In Long List Of Sexual Assault Cases

US | Jonah Bennett
The man doesn't even have a fixed address.

Homicides Took An Unexpected Turn After The Supreme Court Eliminated DC's Handgun Ban

Investigative Group | Ethan Barton
'The people who generally obeyed the ban were law-abiding citizens and not the criminals.'

Bicyclist Charged In Connection With Death Of Elderly Magazine Editor In DC

US | Jonah Bennett
Bicyclist denies culpability

VA Inspector General Issues Rare Warning About Dangerous Conditions At DC Medical Center

US | Jonah Bennett
Patients are being put at risk.

A 14-Year-Old Black Girl Went Missing On Friday And DC Police Are Looking For Help

US | Jonah Bennett
Another missing girl.

DC Police Believe Arrest Solves Eight-Year Murder Mystery

US | Jonah Bennett
'When he looked at the case with fresh eyes, he was able to determine additional information'

ICE Raids Sweep DC, Picking Up Dozens From 26 Different Countries

US | Jonah Bennett
'First targeted enforcement operation ... on this scale'

F-16 Crashes Miles Outside DC, Civilians Flee Their Homes

US | Jonah Bennett
'It was the biggest fire ball I’ve ever seen in my life'

Elderly DC Man Dies After Being Stabbed On Anacostia Trail

US | Jonah Bennett
Suspect is a black male.

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