Trudeau Tells NYU Students ‘Anthropogenic Climate Change Is Real’

Education | David Krayden
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, May 9, 2018. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

‘Diversity doesn’t have to be a weakness’

No Senate Confirmation For White Men

Editorial | Scott Greer
WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 13: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (2nd L) (D-NY) walks with fellow Democratic senators to a press conference following the weekly policy luncheons at the U.S. Capitol on February 13, 2018 in Washington, DC. Schumer answered a range of questions focused primarily on the immigration reform efforts in the U.S. Senate. Also pictured (L-R) are Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), Sen. Nancy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL). (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Chuck Schumer’s reasoning for voting against a judicial nominee should worry us all

Former Mizzou Dean Says She Was Fired For Criticizing 'Diversity' Quotas

Education | Ian Miles Cheong
University of Missouri campus Getty Images/Michael B Thomas

She says the school also replaced her with a younger, inexperienced black woman because of her race.

Diversity Must Not Be Questioned

Editorial | Scott Greer
Iowa Representative Steve King speaks at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Forum in Des Moines, Iowa, September 19, 2015. REUTERS/Brian C. Fran

Liberals lose their minds over Steve King saying ‘diversity is not our strength’

Apple VP Of Diversity Apologizes For Suggesting Diversity Of Thought Is Important

Politics | Derek Hunter
"My comments were not representative of how I think about diversity or how Apple sees it. For that, I’m sorry."

Michelle Obama: The GOP Is Too White To Trust

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‘Physically, there’s a difference in color…’

Former Agent: Secret Service Lowered Standards In Pursuit Of Diversity

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U.S. Secret Service Uniform Division officers stand guard on the south side of the White House November 16, 2015 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

‘Sacrificing mission-readiness at the altar of political correctness’

New York City Official On Power Trip To Force More Boardroom Diversity At Major Companies

| Reuters

‘Plans talks about the makeup of company boards’

Indiana U Won't Remove Mural That Includes KKK Imagery

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Indiana flag (Photo: Shutterstock)

‘We currently have no plans to move or remove the mural’

Report Warns That There Are Way Too Many White Librarians

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Alice from Ghostbusters YouTube screenshot/TrailersPlaygroundHD

Library staffers are almost all women, too, but that’s not so important

Google Employee Decries 'Ideological Echo Chamber' In Internal Memo

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‘Google’s political bias has equated the freedom from offense with psychological safety…’

Report: University Diversity Officers Earn Big Bucks Across US

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Woman is showered with money (Shutterstock/iodrakon)

‘…it is certainly worth asking whether runaway expenditures on inclusion and diversity staff are actually helping.’

Taxpayer-Funded University Student Senate Drops American Flag Requirement, Citing DIVERSITY

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American flag Getty Images/Ronald Martinez

‘The concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual’

Black Lives Matter Screams 'White Supremacy' When Demands Not Met

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Black Lives Matter Getty Images/DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS

‘You can effectively go to William and Mary for 4 years…and never take a course in Africana.’

Mississippi Students Want Mandatory 'Diversity' Courses

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Getty Images/University of Mississippi

‘Diversity is a hallmark of education and enriches the environment and experiences of…our campus.’

Surprise! Liberal Elites Think Cities Are Superior To The Heartland

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MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 31: Protesters gather against Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez's decision to abide by President Donald Trump's order to effectively abandon the county's stance as a "sanctuary" for undocumented immigrants, as they make themselves heard outside the Stephen P. Clark Center Government Center on January 31, 2017 in Miami, Florida. Miami-Dade County had stopped holding potentially illegal inmates in 2013 but the Mayor's decision overturns that practice to comply with the president's executive order. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Trump voters are now bigots for being suspicious of America’s urban centers

Ohio State Students To Study White Privilege, Microaggressions

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Students must ‘find at least 12 examples of microaggressions using at least 3 different types of social media…’

University of Iowa Takes Measures To Diversify Faculty

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Image: Shutterstock

‘It’s impossible to do without a pipeline of diverse faculty to draw from’

Former New York State Democratic Exec. Dir. Plans Protest Against Schumer Over Lack Of Minority Hires

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REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

‘These guys have basically no black senior staff within the Senate’