California DNA collection a tough issue for federal court - LAT

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State hopes DNA break will persuade judges to allow its program of collecting genetic profiles in felony arrests. The ACLU argues it shouldn’t be done until after conviction

Police find suspect thanks to pizza - LAT

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LA killer on the loose for two decades finally found

Searching for Bobby Fischer's body - AP

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Chess champion to be exhumed in Iceland to determine paternity of 9-year-old Jinky Young

Wrongly convicted of a crime? Great, Big brother wants your DNA - CNET

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Millions of Americans who have not been convicted of a crime will likely have their DNA added to a national database, according to a bill approved by the U.S. House

UC Berkeley wants students' DNA - KTVU

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Once a voluntary DNA sample is sent in and tested, it will show the student’s ability to tolerate alcohol, absorb folic acid and metabolize lactose

DNA to power future computers - MSNBC

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Engineers have long dreamed of using DNA as the backbone for the next generation of computer circuits. New research shows just how it might be done

There’s a little Neanderthal in us - Boston Globe

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Neanderthals — extinct for 30,000 years — live on today in the DNA of many people because the Ice Age brutes probably mated with prehistoric humans, scientists said yesterday.

DNA robots spin gold in molecular factory - CNET

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U.S. scientists have developed microscopic robots composed of DNA that can follow instructions and work together like an assembly line to make products such as particles of gold.

Scientists planning dinosaur resurrection - Daily Mail

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In an extraordinary Jurassic Park- style experiment, DNA from a frozen specimen of the extinct giant was used to reproduce their blood

Body bacteria gives away identity - POPULAR SCIENCE

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As it turns out, even the most obsessive-compulsive among us carry about 150 species of bacteria around on our hands, and those bacteria in turn carry a genome unique to that person, making your bacteria your identity

Police request Roethlisberger DNA sample

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Ben Roethlisberger’s attorneys deny that he attacked a 20-year-old college student in a nightclub south of Atlanta March 5, but Milledgeville police have requested a DNA sample from the Super Bowl champ