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This might be the strangest jury duty summons

K9 police dog has his picture taken at the Capitol in Washington

Uncle Sam wants your dog to do his civic duty

This woman killed a dog by trying to perform C-section with a steak knife and some glue

Flickr/Creative Commons/Danielle Scott, Hillsborough County Sheriff via the Daily Mail

Her veterinary expertise consists in once working at a medical examiner’s office

Boulder pol wants legal protection for dogs to chase squirrels

Red squirrel sits in a tree as it holds walnut in Frankfurt's city centre

‘Why are squirrels so special? What about mice?’

Husky and kitten involved in most adorable standoff of all time

It’s survival of the cutest

These photobombing dogs are the only reason to look at celebrity selfies

The only time you’ll voluntarily look at a photo of Kim Kardashian

This is the WORST sound you will EVER hear a dog make

Bark WAY WORSE than bite

Florida man set ablaze by his dog which was also ablaze

NBC Miami screenshot

Pro tip: flea-and-tick spray is highly flammable

Dog exercises dominion over the beasts, drives donkey cart all by himself

This is herding taken to a whole new level

Russians rounding up and killing dogs before Sochi opening ceremony

A worker leads a dog off a jump after it had wandered on the course during snowboard slopestyle training at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Rosa Khutor

Russians worried that the dogs ‘will be a disgrace for the whole country’

11 reasons why your dog is a better hunting partner than your friends

Because sometimes people are just too much to deal with

This trooper's farewell to his German Shepherd K9 dog is truly touching


‘I write this story with tears in my eyes and flowing freely down my face’

LUCKY DOG: Rescue workers SAVE DOG after he FALLS through ice [VIDEO]

‘He was warmed up and returned to its owner’

BREAKING: Scientists say dogs align along earth's north-south axis when pooping

Photo collage images: Getty Images

Mystery of why dogs look worried and circle around before they poop is solved!

10 famous first dogs [SLIDESHOW]

See some of the other dogs that have lived in the White House