don mcgahn

Trump's Judicial Guru Spikes The Football On Judge Confirmations At CPAC

Politics | Kevin Daley
Here's how they're picking strident conservatives

Adam Schiff Dropped A Bomb On The Dem FISA Memo And Nancy Pelosi Will Not Be Happy

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
'Remains classified and would implicate sources and methods '

Trump Reportedly Tried To Fire Robert Mueller Until The White House Counsel Stepped In

Politics | Justin Caruso
Trump claimed Mueller had conflicts of interest

Trump's Legal Team Adds Haley's Former Chief Of Staff To The Mix

Politics | Jack Crowe
The White House is increasing its capacity to respond

Trump's Lawyer Was Dishing About The Russia Investigation -- And The NYT Overheard Him

Politics | Kevin Daley
'He’s got a couple documents locked in a safe'

Trump's Lawyer Has Now Hired His Own Lawyer For The Russia Probe

Politics | Kevin Daley
Mueller expected to seek interview with White House counsel

Report: Special Counsel Will Interview Priebus, Spicer, Hope Hicks

Politics | Kevin Daley
Probe now engulfs the West Wing

EXCLUSIVE: Feds Give Republican Emails To Liberal News Group, Withhold Democrats' Records

Investigative Group | Ethan Barton
Still waiting

Trump's Personal Lawyer Tripping Up In First Days On The Job

US | Kevin Daley
Observers pan his performance

Trump Is Struggling To Attract Top Legal Talent, Republican Lawyers Say

Politics | Kevin Daley
'People will be avoiding it like the plague'

WATCH: Spicer Says General Flynn Didn't Break The Law

Politics | Kevin Daley
But his timeline raises new questions

Read It For Yourself: Gorsuch Submits Questionnaire For Judiciary Committee

Politics | Kevin Daley
An account of the judge's public statements, past political affiliations, and rulings he considers most important

A Federal Election Commissioner's Stages Of Grief

Opinion | Paul H. Jossey
If Commissioner Weintraub wants to continue to play hero, she should do so at a nonprofit.

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