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Kim Kardashian will donate twice the value of her wedding gifts to charity [VIDEO] - TheDC

Something nice will come out of her 72-day marriage

Synagogue asks Mel Gibson for large donation - TheDC

Mel Gibson

‘Mr. Gibson, we offer you to be a Mensch and make a sizable contribution to our cause’

Feinstein, other Dems accept donations from architect of Arizona immigration law - TheDC

Feinstein, who is not up for re-election until 2012, accepted a $2,500 campaign donation from one of the architects of SB 1070

Simmer down, Mr. William Temple

Concern over the recent $1 million donation to Tea Party Patriots is overblown.

Man uses crucifix to break into donation box - AP

Cross stolen from church altar was used to steal cash

A new approach to organ donation

There is a simpler and more effective way to increase the supply of kidneys and save the lives of thousands of people with end-stage renal disease each year: offer to pay donors

Holy Hunting - The Daily Caller

Anonymous donor offering $100,000 reward to find those who stole WWI cross at center of ACLU challenge

British organ donors cash in - AP

One British think tank tackles the question of how far society should go to boost organ donation

Artificial insemination trips banned by Turkey

Turkish authorities have moved to ban women traveling abroad to sperm clinics to get pregnant via artificial insemination

Pioneering of predatory? New method for procurring organs for transplant walks fine line - Washington Post

A federally funded project has begun trying to obtain kidneys, livers and possibly other body parts from car-accident victims, heart-attack fatalities and other urgent-care patients