The Screen Actors Guild Excludes Male Presenters On 'Double Take'

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The Presenters Are All Female

Feminism Is The 'Word Of The Year' Because No One Knows What It Means Anymore

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It used to mean equality, but not anymore

Down Syndrome Woman Receives Miss USA Character Award On 'Double Take'

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Great things coming from Mikayla Holmgren

Sen. Warren Whines About 'Pocahontas' Nickname On 'Double Take'

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After all, she claims her relatives have high cheek bones

'Double Take': The War On Weinstein Continues

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The #MeToo Campaign Proves That Women Deserve Access To Firearms

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Lena Dunham Making The Vegas Shooting About Gender Is The Dumbest Take

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Hey, Michelle Obama--Women Can Think For Themselves!!

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The Ladies Of 'Double Take' Demolish The New Partnership Between Planned Parenthood And OK Cupid

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