double take

The Screen Actors Guild Excludes Male Presenters On 'Double Take'

Video | Julia Nista
The Presenters Are All Female

Feminism Is The 'Word Of The Year' Because No One Knows What It Means Anymore

Video | Amber Athey
It used to mean equality, but not anymore

Sen. Al Franken Had The Worst Resignation Speech Of All Time

Video | Amber Athey
Try harder buddy

Down Syndrome Woman Receives Miss USA Character Award On 'Double Take'

Video | Julia Nista
Great things coming from Mikayla Holmgren

Sen. Warren Whines About 'Pocahontas' Nickname On 'Double Take'

Video | Julia Nista
After all, she claims her relatives have high cheek bones

What Do Planned Parenthood And Al Franken Have In Common? They're Both In Big Trouble

Video | Amber Athey
It's not going to be pretty

Here's Why Are Feminists Are Already Mad About 'Justice League'

Video | Amber Athey
Let's break it down

'Double Take': The War On Weinstein Continues

Entertainment | Julia Nista
Weinstein is sludge at the bottom of a trash can - but the lengths he went to cover up his horrors are even worse

Sam Smith Is Not A Woman Just Because He Likes To Wear Dresses

Opinion | Amber Athey
'Textbook biology'

Rep. Johnson Should Be Ashamed Of Herself -- Women Aren't To Blame For Weinstein

Video | Amber Athey
And this is coming from a Democrat?

The #MeToo Campaign Proves That Women Deserve Access To Firearms

Opinion | Amber Athey

Hollywood 'Progressives Have The Weinstein Victims' Blood On Their Hands

Opinion | Amber Athey
Too many remain silent

Lena Dunham Making The Vegas Shooting About Gender Is The Dumbest Take

Media | Amber Athey
'I think, Lena, you're on a completely different planet'

Hey, Michelle Obama--Women Can Think For Themselves!!

Media | Amber Athey
'Hillary ran the worst campaign probably ever seen'

Double Take: 'Hepeating' Is Just Women Blaming Men For Their Own Professional Failures

US | Amber Athey
How about some individual responsibility?

The Ladies Of 'Double Take' Demolish The New Partnership Between Planned Parenthood And OK Cupid

US | Amber Athey
'Planned Parenthood is shilling for their business--a sick business'

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