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Another GOP Congressman Removes Anti-Cop Painting Hours After It Went Up Again

Politics | Kerry Picket
'I decided to continue the protest started by my colleague Congressman Hunter'

GOP Reps Slam Obama Admin For Considering Putting Gitmo Terrorists In Colorado

US | Jonah Bennett
'I will do everything in my power to resist these unlawful terrorist transfers'

Congressman: Generals Who Disagree With Obama Should Resign In A 'Blaze Of Glory'

Politics | Greg Campbell
'Go public with this and if that means resigning, do it'

Air Force must follow Congressional intent on religious liberty

Opinion | Leanna Baumer
The 'subjective and unworkable' standard keeps officers from exercising their religion freely.

House passes pro-drilling bill over Obama veto threats

Business | Michael Bastasch
'I believe the only reason we haven't seen that same dynamic growth on federal lands is because of excess regulations'

Poll: Most Colorado Republicans support path to citizenship for illegal immigrants

Politics | Greg Campbell
Survey commissioned by pro-immigration groups

Congressman asks NPR for documents about its use of lobbyist in Congress

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Rep. Lamborn: 'I am a private supporter' of NPR, but 'I believe taxpayers should not be on the hook'

Rep. Lamborn demands Holder's resignation, calling Fast and Furious 'an outrage'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'The attorney general has been dishonest with the American people'

Lawmakers: US can't afford 'unnecessary extravagance' of new UN building

Politics | Caroline May
'Unless the U.N. can explain to Congress why a second tower is necessary and why it has to be done now, this just seems like a huge waste of money'

Lamborn apologizes for 'tar baby' remark on Obama policies

Politics | Caroline May
'He simply meant to refer to a sticky situation or quagmire'

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