'Narcos' Location Manager Gunned Down In Mexico

Entertainment | Davis Richardson
Narcos (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Netflix US & Canada)
Carlos Munoz, the location manager for the Netflix series, was found dead in Mexico with multiple gunshots. 

ATF Officials Refuse To Testify On Agent's Murder By Drug Cartel, Get Subpoenaed

Investigative Group | Kathryn Watson
Rep. Jason Chaffetz subpoenaed ATF officials in a hearing. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

‘There is no excuse for that’

Mexican Drug Cartels Ramping Up Production Of Deadly Drug

US | Campbell North
Mexican soldiers cut off poppy flowers during an operation at Petatlan hills in Guerrero state, Mexico

‘It is 50 times more potent than heroin’

Smugglers Using Drones To Fly Drugs Across Mexican Border

Tech | Scott Cook

Drones are just one of many new ways smugglers export drugs

Mexican drug cartels' US reach expanded over 300 percent in two years - TheDC

World | Nicholas Ballasy

Comparison of Justice Dept. reports shows exponential increase in US influence

Hezbollah working with Mexican cartels - Fox News

World | Chad Brady (admin)

Some Mexican cartels join forces with Middle East terror groups

Falcon Lake killing a possible case of mistaken identity - MSNBC

US | interns

David Hartley’s disappearance may have been the result of a turf battle between rival drug cartels, a sheriff said Thursday

Clinton: Mexico drug war resembles 'insurgency' - Chicago Trib

US | Chad Brady (admin)

Senior U.S. officials have grown increasingly alarmed at the cartels’ control of the country

Arizona has ‘whopping 30’ troops, 15 signs warning of drug cartels - CNS News

US | Chad Brady (admin)

Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl asked for 3,000 National Guard troops along the state’s border with Mexico

Mexico nabs U.S.-born drug lord 'La Barbie' - Houston Chronicle

World | Chad Brady (admin)

Edgar Valdez Villarreal faces charges in Mexico and the United States for smuggling thousands of pounds of cocaine

GOP wants more security than Border Bill provides - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Senators McCain and Kyl, who co-sponsored the bill signed Friday, are pushing for more measures they proposed earlier this year

Letter from Arizona: "Killing Pablo" and the "2015 Solution"

Opinion | Ben Quayle

Our state is under social and economic pressure, emanating from far-off places but landing in the center of our lives. We face two aggressive problems, both advancing: the drug cartels in Mexico, and the tax cartel in Washington, D.C.

Mexican drug cartel targeting Sheriff Joe Arpaio - KSAZ

Politics | Pat McMahon

Recording offers $1 million for his head and is being viewed as a credible threat towards the anti-illegal immigration figure

Top Mexican drug lord killed in clash with army - AP

World | Chad Brady (admin)

Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel,” was killed Thursday in a gunbattle with soldiers, the Mexican army announced

Inside Mexico's drug war, Americans allege abuse - WSJ

World | Jeff Winkler (admin)

As the death toll rises, so have complaints about the military’s tactics in trying to break the drug cartels’ stranglehold on Mexican society

Brewer says 'majority' of illegals are 'drug mules' - St. Petersburg Times

Politics | interns

After the Arizona immigration bill, the governors race is heating up. Governor Brewer said ‘Well, we all know that the majority of the people that are coming to Arizona and trespassing are now becoming drug mules’

Five things you did know about the Mexican drug war - Global Post

Politics | interns

s, drugs, gangsters. The news out of Mexico has been a steady stream of violence since President Felipe Calderon began his war on the drug cartels. Several hundred Mexicans have died in the last few weeks alone — adding to the toll of nearly 23,000 drug-related deaths since 2006.

How do we respond to Mexico’s drug war?

Opinion | Scott Erickson

The recent murder of a United States consular employee and her husband has cast a disturbing pall upon the devastating nature of Mexico’s increasingly internecine warfare against the drug cartels operating within its borders

Doing business in a drug war zone - Wall Street Journal

Business | interns

U.S. companies flocked to the border city of Juárez because it was one of Mexico’s most business-friendly cities. Now, an entire industry is adjusting to doing business in Mexico’s deadliest town