The Nicotine Fiend

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E-cigarettes help countless smokers quit using combustible tobacco cigarettes

E-Cig Policy Is A Much-Needed Step In The Right Direction

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It should never be discouraged as an alternative to smoking and has relatively few health risks

New York City Hikes Cigarettes To $13 Per Pack

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Menthol flavored cigarettes are displayed in a store in New York March 30, 2010. A U.S. scientific panel this month will weigh the controversial role of popular menthol flavoring in cigarettes in the first public meeting on tobacco products since a new law granted regulators power over the industry last year. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson | Flavor Ban Threatens Small Businesses

‘We are sending a loud and clear message’

E-Cigarette Regulation Isn't Keeping Pace Pace With Technology

Opinion | Carrie Wade
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People are preventing harm to themselves by switching form vaping to smoking. So why is government trying to stop them?

How Trump Can Light The Way For The E-Cigarette Industry

Daily Vaper | Jan Verleur
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It’s a new, innovative industry and that cannot afford to backpedal on standards.

Governments Are Banning A Product That Could Save Millions Of Lives

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Jason Fourmont (R) exhales vapor from his e-cigarette before attending a city council meeting that will address the legality of indoor use of the device in New York December 19, 2013. The New York City Council on Thursday will vote on a bill that would add electronic cigarettes to the city's strict smoking ban. E-cigarettes are slim, reusable metal tubes that contain nicotine-laced liquid in a variety of exotic flavors such as bubble gum and bacon. As a "smoker" puffs on the device, the nicotine is heated and releases a vapor that, unlike cigarette smoke, contains no tar, which is known to cause cancer and other diseases. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The WHO and a number of countries are frantically regulating and even banning e-cigarettes.

The Media's Uncritical Approach To E-Cigarettes Harms Public Health

Daily Vaper | Guy Bentley
Ilona Orshansky, owner of Brooklyn Vaper, uses a vaporizer, also known as an e-cigarette, in her shop in Brooklyn

The media needs to stop taking government-funded research at face value.

California Moves Against 'Public Threat' Of E-Cigarettes With A Tax

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
A woman exhales vapour from an e-cigarette in Blackburn, northern England March 19, 2015. REUTERS/Phil Noble

‘Let people make their own choices’

Officials Warn E-Cigarette Users Of Explosions And 'Toxic' Fluid

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Angel Huezo, right, creates jellyfish-like figurines

‘Second- and third-degree burns’

Tobacco Companies Push For Easing E-Cigarette Regulations

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‘Shops across the U.S. will be closed’

Tobacco Giant Looks To Open US Market To New Cigarette Alternative

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‘Stealing a chunk of the rolled tobacco market’

Nation's Largest Tobacco Company Fighting New FDA Vape Rules

Daily Vaper | Craig Boudreau
Philip MorA customer tries a Philip Morris' "iQOS" smokeless tobacco e-cigarette at an iQOS store in Tokyo, Japan, March 3, 2016. REUTERS/Toru Hanairis' e-cig

‘Ignored evidence that our products improve people’s lives’

This Study Is The Last Thing Anti-E-Cig Crusaders Want To See

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E-cig and cigarette butts

‘Our findings suggest that … ‘

Why Deleting The FDA's Ban Of E-Cigarette Flavors Is Good For Public Health

Daily Vaper | Edward Anselm
E-Cigarette-Electronic Cigarette-E-Cigs-E-Liquid-Vaping-Cloud Chasing

Adult smokers could benefit from flavors in e-cigarettes.

This Dual Chamber Vape Gets Rave Reviews

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These kids are having fun with the Haze v3 (Photo via

‘Dual bowls, long battery life and solid performance’

Hospitals Abandon Vaping Ban After Evidence On E-Cigarette Safety

Daily Vaper | Guy Bentley
Businessman holds vaporizer and is smoking electronic cigarette. (Credit: Shutterstock/vchal)
Medical professionals take relaxed view on vaping ban

EU Plans To Give Vapers 'A Further Kick In The Teeth' With Massive Tax Increase

World | Guy Bentley
A picture taken on June 29, 2015 in Lille shows Drachma bills, Greece's former currency, next to euro bills and coins. The European single currency briefly dropped below $1.1 today as investors grow concerned Greece is headed for a debt default and a possible eurozone exit. AFP PHOTO / DENIS CHARLET (Photo credit should read DENIS CHARLET/AFP/Getty Images)

Wants to tax e-cigarettes just the same as tobacco

Vaping Is Not Smoking: Anti-E-Cig Activists Dealt Blow By Judge's Ruling

Daily Vaper | Guy Bentley
T-shirts on display at the Vape Summit 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada May 2, 2015. New research provided to Reuters has found that performing tricks is one of the top two reasons young users say they consider the devices cool. REUTERS/David Becker

‘An electronic cigarette neither burns nor contains tobacco’

Mayo Clinic: E-Cigarettes Reduce Risks Of Smoking Before And After Operations

Daily Vaper | Guy Bentley
A woman smokes an e-cigarette as he visits Vapexpo, an international exhibition to promote e-cigarette, in Bordeaux, western France, on March 13, 2014. E-cigarettes are battery powered gadgets that deliver nicotine through a vapor that may be fruit or candy-flavored. AFP PHOTO / NICOLAS TUCAT (Photo credit should read NICOLAS TUCAT/AFP/Getty Images)

Mayo Clinic discovers benefits of e-cigarettes