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Study: Government Consumption Spending Reduces Economic Growth

President Obama

See what research says about Obama stimulus

See how the economy is performing

Earns Home Depot

Economists fear slower growth in coming months

The enduring myth of government job creation

Do Republican voters think government creates jobs?

April jobs aside, we're falling behind

A 5 percent growth agenda is the answer.

No sequester catastrophe

For Obama, fingering the GOP won’t work.

The sequester will be good for the economy

The main problem with the sequester is that it is too small, and doesn’t scale back government spending enough.

The pro-growth sequester

No, it’s not Armageddon.

CBO: Unemployment to remain above 7.5 percent until 2014

Barack Obama

Non-partisan office predicts slow economic growth all year

Manufacturing, production jobs experiencing growth - TheDCNF

Gas Drilling Public Lands

Back from the depths of the recession, many production and manufacturing jobs have returned to the U.S

Obama fights the cancer of economic growth

Is it too late to stop Romney’s evil scheme to grow the economy?

Fed survey: Most areas see slow to moderate growth - AP

Consumer Confidence.JPEG

Fed said economic conditions improved in all but one of its 12 bank districts

Economy slowed sharply in first half of year - AP

Obama Economy

Only 1.3 percent growth in second quarter, first quarter numbers revised to 0.4 percent growth

Cantor's freshmen job creators

Cantor and the House GOP freshmen have held the line on taxes, laying the groundwork for sustained job creation.

ALEX CASTELLANOS: Let's play hardball - TheDC Opinion

Chris Matthews

MSNBC should test Chris Matthews’s economic theories — on Chris Matthews.

How to solve our growth and jobs deficit

Republicans need to unite behind Cut, Cap and Balance before sitting down at the negotiating table.

Make the old normal new again

How we can return to our pre-recession growth rates.

Eric Cantor's 5 percent growth strategy

The GOP needs to seize the economic-growth high ground.

Ryan's tax plan trumps his spending plan

Paul Ryan’s tax plan would lower tax rates, increase tax revenue and stoke economic growth.

We can outgrow China

Our China strategy should be two simple words: Outgrow them!

Economic common sense left D.C. long ago

President Obama’s economic policies have failed. It’s time for a new approach.