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David Brooks is wrong: Size matters!

The New York Times columnist is wrong about the proper size of government.

Practicing free-market environmentalism

Is our system of federal and state environmental regulations necessary?

QE2 vs the Titanic

Trying to solve our economic problems with more stimulus is like the captain of the Titanic trying to solve his iceberg problems with more acceleration.

America is aping Britain's decline through free trade

How free trade destroyed Britain’s economy.

The Hayek Fund: fighting back against the nanny state

Liberal investors have “socially responsible investment funds.” Now conservative investors have The Hayek Fund.

Friedman and the battle for smaller government

Were he alive today, Milton Friedman, Nobel laureate economist and founder of the national school choice movement, may have written his own list of grievances in response to the many outrageous actions taken by our government lately

How do other nations balance their trade? Try Germany

As America continues to contemplate its trade mess, the question naturally arises how other developed nations manage to trade with the world without deficits and without turning high-wage industries into low-wage industries to compete. Although some developed nations have trade situations almost as bad as ours in recent years, some have been quite the opposite

Forbes' list of the world's worst economies - FORBES

Ghana is a typical example of the world’s worst-managed economies — These countries aren’t unlucky, they’re poor by design

Economics: How to cure a sick discipline

Revisiting and reforming how the U.S. approaches economics

Principled government starts at City Hall

Citizens must actively participate in their local government if they want the politics and policies of the day to truly change at its core

The mythical concept of trade war

Can the free market be saved without Rand?

It’s been a year since Stephen Moore’s article, ‘Atlas Shrugged: from Fiction to Fact in 52 Years,’ seemed to ignite an explosion of interest in Ayn Rand. Sales of this prescient novel tripled; two Rand biographies have been selling like hotcakes; and references to her in the media have skyrocketed. Yet, some free-market defenders continue to repudiate her and her ideas, as they have for decades. It used to be conservatives such as William F. Buckley of National Review trashing ‘Atlas Shrugged’