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Poll: Canada now more business-friendly than U.S.

'We have a pretty good story to tell'

Obama: Economy Recovering, Stupid


Floundering president urges Americans to believe cherry-picked statistics, not their own lying eyes

Rubio: Immigration not only issue for Hispanics - AP

Marco Rubio

Rubio says that while immigration is of critical importance, economic security weighs more heavily on Hispanics’ minds.

Ryan confronts Bernanke over Fed's purchases of U.S. debt - TheDC

Ryan confronts Bernanke over Fed printing money to buy U.S. debt, raises concerns about the dollar

A New Year's resolution the states can't afford to break

State governments will go bankrupt if they don’t start dieting immediately.

Chamber chairman: Some of our members might not like it, but get rid of tax loopholes - TheDC

Chairman Thomas Bell says the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will support eliminating tax loopholes for corporations

A plan for economic renewal

Here are four areas that policymakers should be focusing on in order to ensure that the fragile recovery doesn’t falter.

Washington can learn from Puerto Rico's economic model

The island’s aggressive economic reforms have brought it back from the brink of fiscal disaster.

Ryan: 'We're going to cut spending' - The Hill

The incoming House Budget Committee chairman said Sunday that Republicans are going to get to work cutting spending in order to cut the deficit in the next Congress

Higher taxes, more spending, deep defense cuts -- how is Bowles-Simpson a compromise?

The plan is a compromise between the left and the far left.

Reducing government benefits unpopular with recipients - TheDC

While Americans are unhappy with the level of government spending, a new poll shows that recipients of popular and expensive programs don’t want their benefits cut

Rethinking Keynes: Dems wrestle with failed stimulus - NYT

The Fed could face increasing pressure to deploy monetary policy to lift the economy out of a rut — a prospect that has unsettled officials at the central bank

Basic government spending rose 9% in fiscal 2010 - Washington Times

Government spending rises 9%

Hundreds of economists counter Obama on Bush tax cuts - TheDC

A letter released Wed. says not extending tax cuts to wealthier Americans would have ‘deleterious effects’

Morgan Stanley on government defaults: when, not if - Bloomberg

Financial services giant predicts bleak future for recovery

OPINION: Obama is no Reagan

A deep recession knocked Reagan’s approval rating down and Republicans took a beating in the 1982 mid-terms. But he won a landslide second election. President Obama hopes to repeat this feat

In Congress, heated rhetoric takes no vacation - WSJ

Republicans want to trim Social Security, and Democrats favor tax increases but the deficit commission might recommend both

A decade of spiraling deficits

Which exactly is the decade of spiraling deficits? The last one, or the one we’re beginning now?

U.S debt jumps $166 billion in one day - Washington Times

The one-day increase for June 30 totaled $165,931,038,264.30 – bigger than the entire annual deficit for fiscal year 2007 and larger than the $140 billion in savings the new health care bill will produce over its first 10 years

Enough Already with Stimulus Spending - CATO INSTITUTE

When it comes to government spending, “stimulus” apparently means never having to say “enough.”