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World's most livable cities [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

The 2011 Economist Intelligence Unit report of the world’s best cities for living

MIT economist writing Obamacare graphic novel - TheDC

Jonathan Gruber, an economist at MIT, is planning to write a graphic novel about President Obama’s health care overhaul

TheDC Morning: Gov. Moonbeam sharpens his budget-cutting knives - TheDC

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

Supply-Side Obama?

Ronald Reagan would approve of the Obama administration’s recent shift toward supply-side policies.

Ex-Clinton aide says Mickey Kaus' immigration stance makes him the 'stupidest human alive' - TheDC

An ex-Clinton aide blasts Newsweek columnist Mickey Kaus for allegiance to American workers

TheDC Morning: Soda tax will not make fatties less fat - TheDC

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

Lemonade Lessons: Banning earmarks -- not just symbolic

Earmarks are a “gateway drug” that leads to broader mismanagement of public finances.

Film tells environmentalists to 'cool it'

In “Cool it,” environmentalist Bjorn Lomberg calls out the environmental movement’s alarmism.

Don't fear a trade war with China

Congress should stop listening to the alarmists before the alarm bell really rings on America’s economic future.

Economics vs. Fakeonomics

The economic arguments in favor of free trade aren’t as strong as their proponents claim.

White (collar) lies - The Economist

Study identifies traits of bosses afflicted with chronic corporate deception

How does minimum wage affect the young's high unemployment? - TheDC

About 81 million out of the roughly 620 million economically active youth between the ages of 15-24 worldwide were out of a job, a statistic that has analysts warning of a ‘lost generation’

Bailouts for journalists?

Government control, it should be noted, isn’t the only concern about bailing out journalism. Every bit as worrisome is how political power seduces many journalists — especially progressives — to promote ever bigger government

Journolisters debate explicit message coordination for Obama - TheDC

Journolisters reject suggestion to coordinate message

Homebuilders lose confidence in recovery - AP

Weak job market and an increasing number of foreclosed properties prompts builders to limit construction of new homes

Profiting from non-profits - The Economist

Charities are often told they should learn from business. The reverse is also true

Thanks, taxpayers! D.C. residents highest paid in nation - TheDC

The Washington metropolitan area is home to the highest paid residents in the nation, according to a new report from the Ontario-based Martin Prosperity Institute

BOOK REVIEW: 'William F. Buckley Jr.: The Maker of a Movement' - TheDC

Edwards’s book provides a valuable and concise overview of a man who, along with Reagan and economist of liberty Milton Friedman, did as much as anybody to help liberty and conservatism

Obama approval rating takes dive as he faces anti-business charge - TheDC

White House officials have said polls don’t bother them

Keynes vs. Hayek: The Great Debate Continues - CATO INSTITUTE

The debates raging over what policies will pull the U.S. economy out of its Great Recession replicate one that occurred during the Great Depression