A Worthy Replacement For The Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Opinion | Alan Daley
A journalist looks at her Blackberry communication device on Capitol Hill in Washington, April 18, 2007. Research In Motion Ltd said on Wednesday that BlackBerry service has been restored to "most" users of the wireless e-mail device after a service interruption that affected customers in North America. REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES) - RTR1ORO1

The Email Privacy Act seems to be a welcome step forward in protecting our privacy without hobbling law enforcement

So-Called Email Privacy Bill Re-Authorizes Bureaucrat Snooping Of Emails And More

Opinion | Mark J. Fitzgibbons

To call the selling of this bill false advertising is being generous. It’s more like selling out the rest of America to protect special interests.

Tax Day: Is your information safe from the IRS?

Opinion | Grover Norquist
The Internal Revenue Service building in New York

It’s time to reform the ECPA, the IRS should need a warrant to read our e-mails

Tech companies revolt as government spying threatens to wreak havok on U.S. business interests

Opinion | Leah Libresco
NSA Surveillance-Tech

Would we really want China or Russia to treat tech companies like the NSA does?


Politics | Josh Peterson

The taxman is googling you

Financial regulators like your emails, but they don't like warrants

Politics | Josh Peterson
Mary Jo White SEC

New proposal may allow new SEC snooping powers

Holder needs to explain DOJ's spying on journalists, says civil liberties groups

Politics | Josh Peterson

Obama’s domestic electronic surveillance track record unmatched in US history

Feds may have to tell you when they are spying on you

Tech | Josh Peterson
Attorney General Eric Holder in front of a DOJ seal. Getty Images.

Bipartisan email privacy update passes Senate committee

Senate's email surveillance legislation would make Big Brother get a warrant

Politics | Josh Peterson
Surveillance cameras. Oli Scarff/Getty Images.

A bill under consideration would amend law enforcement’s abilities to search private electronic communications

Maine bill would prohibit law enforcement from tracking cell phones without warrant

Politics | Josh Peterson
Cell phones

Exceptions made ‘in cases of imminent threat to national security or grave personal injury’

Strange bedfellows come together on electronic privacy

Politics | Josh Peterson
electronic privacy

Liberals and conservatives come together to curb law enforcement powers

Jill Kelley calls on Congress for stronger electronic privacy protections - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson
Jill Kelley leaves her home on Nov. 13, 2012. Chris O'Meara/AP Photo.

Woman embroiled in Petraeus scandal speaks out

An obsolete privacy law

Opinion | Scott Cleland
Patrick Leahy Privacy

Protecting your privacy is as critical to your safety, dignity and identity as is protecting your property

Senate passes Facebook-Netflix sharing bill, removes provision on warrantless email searches - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson

Facebook and Netflix already have arrangements that allow for users in other countries to share their viewing history

Courts struggle with cellphone privacy - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson

Law enforcement agencies seek to warrantlessly obtain info from suspects’ cellphones

Grassley office: Leahy working behind closed doors on privacy bill - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson
WASHINGTON - JUNE 29: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) gestures during the second day of confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan on Capitol Hill June 29, 2010 in Washington, DC. Kagan is U.S. President Barack Obama's second Supreme Court nominee since taking office. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Original Filename: GYI0060923701.jpg

Leahy’s office first hit back on Twitter and his website against the deluge of criticism from a Tuesday CNET report