The Islamophobia Scam

Opinion | Ed Brodow
Women attend "Freedom of Speech Rally Round II" across street from Islamic Community Center in Phoenix

Reasonable skepticism is not bigotry

Strike Up the Band: Tyranny Is Coming To Your Town

Opinion | Ed Brodow
Internet censorship causes a battle between freedom of speech and fighting terrorism. [Shutterstock - zoff]

European countries jail people for politically incorrect social media posts. It could happen here, too.

The Source Of Leftist Intolerance

Opinion | Ed Brodow

The typical liberal doesn’t give a damn about your individual rights.

Bill O'Reilly: Latest Victim Of Feminist Rage

Opinion | Ed Brodow
Bill O'Reilly (Getty Images)

I can only conclude that Bill O’Reilly is no more guilty of sexual harassment than Donald Trump

Social Engineering Will Kill the Marines

Opinion | Ed Brodow
Men Become Marines at Parris Island

Political correctness will discourage young men from signing up to fight for their country.

Why We Should Defund The UN

Opinion | Ed Brodow

The United Nations doesn’t do what its founders intended. Let’s get rid of it.

Toxic Femininity -- A Male Perspective

Opinion | Ed Brodow

Sentimental insistence on female innocence does no service to women.