Klein: Comey And 'A Lot Of Other FBI Agents' Will Resign If Hillary Is Not Indicted

Politics | Steve Guest

FBI Director Comey is the ‘Eliot Ness of our time’

Bill Clinton The Biter

Opinion | Roger Stone

In truth, Bill Clinton is a “Bill Cosby-like” sexual predator who has assaulted dozens if not hundreds of women.

3 Shocking New Interviews Reveal Hillary Doing Foundation Work In Office

Opinion | Edward Klein
Democratic presidential candidate Clinton looks through teleprompter before discussing the Iran nuclear agreement in Washington

‘She didn’t try to cover up her involvement with the foundation’

Anthony Weiner Says New York Post 'Makes Stuff Up'

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
The scandal that was a copy editors dream. Anthony Weiner (hee-hee, Weiner) tweeted out a picture of his junk to all of his followers. He had to resign from his position as the U.S. Rep of New York’s 9th district as a result, but don’t think that taught Mr. Weiner any lessons: a subsequent 2013 campaign to become the mayor of New York city was derailed after it was revealed he was still sending sexual photos to a woman who was most certainly not his wife, this time under the pseudonym Carlos Danger, marking Weiner as one of the dumbest mayoral candidates with one of the best porn names ever.(Photo: Getty Images)

This coming from a clear authority on penis pics

BOOK: The Obamas FOUGHT, Slept In Separate Bedrooms On Vacation

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘He smoked cigarettes and didn’t try to hide it’

Hillary's non mea culpa

Opinion | Edward Klein

The real reason Hillary Clinton took responsibility for the Benghazi fiasco.

Author Ed Klein: As Benghazi blame nears Hillary, Clintons grow furious

Politics | Alex Pappas

‘If she is left with this stain on her reputation, it could seriously damage her chances for election’

Clinton-Obama rift intensifies after Libya, Obama's debate performance

Opinion | Edward Klein

Will the growing tension between Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton derail Obama’s campaign?