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The 'Climate Talkathon' was about baseball and carbon taxes

U.S. Senator Whitehouse and Senators from the Senate Climate Action Task Force gather on Capitol Hill in Washington

A global warming home run

The 'Klan': Republican Senate candidate tangles with conservative activists

GOP Senate Candidates Participate In Live Debate

Social media saga: Says it, doubles down, backs off

Democrats push to extend green energy tax subsidies

Sen. Baucus questions HHS Secretary Sebelius during Senate Finance Committee hearing about "Obamacare" on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘They remain critical’

Senate bill would force people nationwide to buy green energy

Wind Energy California

‘It’s time to break our addiction’

Time for a can of Whoop-Assad?

John Kerry

Senate committee votes for resolution authorizing use of force in Syria

The lessons of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Senate.JPEG

Gabriel Gomez’s defeat carries important lessons for the Republican Party.

Markey wins Massachusetts special election

Markey and Obama

Rep. Ed Markey will become The Bay State’s next Senator

Markey leads Gomez by 10 points one day before election

Markey and Obama

Suffolk University Poll found Markey poised for victory, leading Gomez by 10 percent

Five things GOP needs to win Massachusetts Senate race

Massachusetts Senate.JPEG

It’s not easy to beat Ed Markey

Group calls for investigation into whether Maryland resident Ed Markey paid his taxes

Ed Markey

37-year Massachusetts congressman may owe taxes in the state where he really lives

Biden to stump for Markey


Markey faces Republican Gabriel Gomez in a special election on Tuesday.

Gomez: I told McCain he should have left office by now

Massachusetts Senate.JPEG

‘Did you ask John McCain to leave the Senate?’ Markey asked. ‘I did, actually,’ Gomez replied.

Independents key to hotly contested Massachusetts Senate race

Massachusetts Senate.JPEG

Republican Gomez needs boost against Markey

Pro-Gomez ad bashes Markey on IRS scandal

‘Markey voted to let the IRS enforce’ Obamacare

Pissing contest: Gomez says he can hold his weewee longer than Rand Paul

Massachusetts Senate.JPEG

Former Navy SEAL says training makes him Number One of number 1

Markey: 'It's really not math. It's just arithmetic'

APTOPIX Massachusetts Senate.JPEG

‘It’s very simple arithmetic. It’s not as complicated as math.’

GOP backlash against Ed Markey's Osama bin Laden attack ad on Gomez

Ed Markey Bin Laden Ad

‘People in Massachusetts are smart enough to figure out what Ed Markey is trying to do’

Gomez, Markey in tight race for Massachusetts Senate

APTOPIX Massachusetts Senate Gomez

Poll shows the Republican Gomez within four points of Markey

Gomez closing in on Markey in Massachusetts Senate race

Massachusetts Senate Gabriel Gomez

In heavily blue state, Republican upstart trails Democrat with 37 years of Washington experience

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Obama Middle East policy shaped by pro-Muslim Brotherhood advisers

Rep. Louie Gohmert next to Rep. Michele Bachmann. Alex Wong/Getty Images.

And on the state of the GOP and the media