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Democrats Who Supported Cap-And-Trade Attack Trump Over High Gas Prices

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'These people are not serious about energy'

Schumer Explains How He Wants To Regulate The Internet If Democrats Had The Power

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Let a private company do whatever it wants'

Senator Markey Threatens Regulations After Facebook Memo Showing Lack Of Care Over Potential Deaths Is Revealed

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Congress must act'

Liberals And Conservatives Are Sparring Over Net Neutrality With Competing Protests

US | Eric Lieberman
'Saying the internet is on its death bed'

FACT CHECK: Did 23 Million Americans Voice Opposition to Net Neutrality Repeal?

Politics | Emily Larsen
'A chorus of spambots'

Dem Senator: Kushner Shouldn't Have Security Clearance Anymore

Media | Justin Caruso
'We need to have a full investigation'

FACT CHECK: Democrat Claims Launching Nukes Is As Easy As Tweeting

Politics | Amber Athey

Another Dem Senator Calls For Gun Control Legislation, Blames GOP For Massacre

Politics | Nick Givas
'It is time GOP stops blocking gun control'

Dem Lawmakers Worry Self-Driving Trucks Could Be Used For Terror Attacks

Tech | Chris White
'I am very concerned'

Democratic Senator Compares Trump To Pontius Pilate

Politics | Amber Athey
Yes, the guy who sent Jesus to die

Anti-Fossil Fuel Dem Begs Trump To Flood Oil Markets With Strategic Reserves

Energy | Chris White
'An immediate release ... would help protect consumers from price spikes'

Border Screenings Proposed For Deadly Painkiller Spreading Death Across US

US | Steve Birr
'Before we lose an entire generation'

Democratic Senators Call For The FBI To Investigate FCC Cyber Attack

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Call into question the integrity'

Dem Senator Relies On Conspiracy Blogs To Draw Trump-Russia Connections

Politics | Alex Pfeiffer
One of the bloggers previously accused Putin of killing Andrew Breitbart

Dem Lawmakers Want To Pry Nuclear Football From Trump's Hands

World | Ryan Pickrell
'Crucial issue of nuclear 'first use' is more urgent than ever'

Hugh Hewitt Points Out Dem Hypocrisy In Opposing Trump's EPA Pick

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'It’s really amazing'

These Dems Took Millions From Anti-Oil Activists, Now They Get To Grill Rex Tillerson

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Talk about a conflict of interest!

Senators Demand Answers For Airline Mishaps, Vulnerability To Hackers

Business | Ted Goodman
Letter lays out 10 key questions

Dem. Senator Pushes 'Climate Literacy' Program In US Schools

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Are your kids 'climate literate'?

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