LIFE AFTER COMMON CORE: Here's What To Expect From State Education Reform Efforts In 2018

op-ed | William J. Bennett
Common Core atomic bomb explosion Shutterstock/Romolo Tavani

Through local control, we reaffirm that educating students is the responsibility of communities

Economist Thomas Sowell: BLM Is Wrong. THIS Is How You Fix Problems In The Black Community

US | Christian Datoc
Economist Thomas Sowell (Screenshot from Hoover Institution Youtube)

‘Black children’s futures do not matter enough for black politicians — including the president of the United States — to stand up’

Clinton Surrogate: Sanders' Plan Means Free Education For Trump's Kids

Elections | Philip DeVoe

‘Raising taxes on the lower middle-class [to give] free education for Trump’s children is the wrong public policy’

NEAP Survey Shows Strong Gains For DC Students

Opinion | Ashley Bateman

No matter how you measure, DC public and public charter schools are aiming high and continuing to measure up.

Addressing Baltimore With Hope

Opinion | Ed J. Pozzuoli
Former Florida Jeb Bush speaks during an interview at the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) February 27, 2015 in National Harbor, Maryland. Conservative activists attended the annual political conference to discuss their agenda. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Jeb Bush’s charter school reforms are a blueprint for decaying urban areas

How The Free Market Can Save American Education

Opinion | Justin Haskins

Not just in governance models, but in the classroom

Michelle Rhee Reportedly Leaving StudentsFirst

Education | Blake Neff

Education reformer controversial with teachers unions

Report: To Improve Schools, Pay Principals $100,000

Education | Blake Neff
Empty Classroom

‘Districts need to stop viewing principals as glorified teachers’

California Primary Sets Up Battle Between Teachers Unions And Reformers

Education | Blake Neff
empty classroom. Photo: Getty Images

Race between two Democrats will test union power

Education policy analysts look to states for reform

Education | Katie Callahan

U.S. given a passing grade, but just barely

In defense of the Parent Trigger

Opinion | Joy Pullmann

The Parent Trigger lets parents whose kids attend a failing school insist the school’s board implement one of several reform options.

Now more than ever, we need to put students first

Opinion | Gov. Bobby Jindal

Louisiana’s landmark education reform is in court this week.

Teacher test fraud opens the door to school choice in Arkansas - TheDCNF

Politics | Robby Soave
Arkansas AP

“What this demonstrates is that there is a much stronger case for school choice than we previously realized”

What the critics of 'Won't Back Down' don't understand

Editorial | Andrew Coulson

The pro-education reform film doesn’t attack teachers, it attacks teachers’ unions.

Let parents strike, too

Editorial | Joy Pullmann

If teachers can go on strike, why can’t parents?

The anti-dissing strike

Editorial | Neal McCluskey

What the Chicago Teachers Union strike is really about.

Schoolhouse rocked: Bobby Jindal brings real education reform to Louisiana

Feature:Opinion | Troy Senik

Jindal is about to sign some of the most sweeping education reform legislation in American history.

The education reform scarecrow

Feature:Opinion | Bob Bowdon

The fact that cultural factors affect student achievement shouldn’t dissuade people from supporting education reform.

Teachers' unions support democracy, except when they don't

Opinion | Bob Bowdon

Opponents of education reform claim that they’re on the side of “democracy.”

New Orleans emerges as an education reform success story - TheDC

US | Steven Nelson

Most schools in the district have become non-unionized charter schools