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Obama split 500,000 American families to legalize illegals before 2012 election

Obama tuxedo/Getty Images

A four-year-old ‘bursts out crying’ because Obama kept her dad thousands of miles away

Herman Cain skeptical about claims in new book on 2012 election

Herman Cain

Former prez candidate tells TheDC I’m not sure what to believe’ about source of damaging leaks

Trump doesn't 'want to be critical' of Romney's campaign, is critical

Trump Chicago Lawsuit.JPEG

‘Over 400 million dollars wasted’

Progressives urged IRS to revoke conservatives' tax-exemptions in 2012

IRS petitions went after conservatives and a church

'Gifts' That Keep On Giving - TheDC


‘I think that the people who voted for dependency outnumbered the people who voted for personal responsibility’

Michael Barone: Tea party 'wackos, weirdos and witches' cost GOP Senate seats [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘Don’t nominate dogs, okay?’

Va. store owner closes for day to mourn election outcome - TheDC

Jewelry store closed Obama

Jeweler set to reopen Thursday to ‘continue the fight against a president who seeks my demise’

Democratic Chicago crowd jeers Romney as he concedes

Obama 2012.JPEG

Catcalls erupt at sight of GOP contender, again at mention of Rep. Paul Ryan

Chris Matthews rips 'idiots,' 'numbskulls' that vote third or fourth party


TV host bashes those who stray from traditional party lines

New Black Panther returns to Philly location of alleged 2008 voter intimidation

The New Black Panther member wore military garb, boots, and a black beret — no billy club this time

Millennials less enthused with Obama this election - TheDCNF


Jobs are more important to young voters, not lower student loan interest rates

Ohio recount plan could take election into overtime - The Cincinnati Enquirer


In a squeaker, Buckeye State absentee, ‘provisional’ ballots won’t be counted until at least Nov. 17

Report: Obama drastically cut back on 'economically significant' regulations in October - TheDC

Obama Campaigns Throughout Ohio Four Days Before Election

Report: Obama drastically cut back on ‘economically significant’ regulations in October

Obama or Romney? TheDC predicts Tuesday's big winner - TheDC


Antle, Ballasy, Martosko, Pappas, Rahn, Re and Weinstein have a crack at the crystal ball

Halloween mask sales indicate an Obama victory - TheDCNF

Obama face mask

‘A lot of people are going out and supporting their candidate by wearing their masks’

Will Joe Biden end up being Mitt Romney's VP? - TheDC

Electoral college

The election may not end as soon as we’d all like

Chamber of Commerce seeks to mobilize pro-business vote - TheDCNF

US Chamber of Commerce

Many in the business community feel attacked by Obama

Taxes will go up in 2013 for 163 million workers

Social Security COLA.JPEG

A temporary reduction in Social Security payroll taxes is due to expire at the end of the year

Obama campaign collects growing number of illegal donations - TheDC

President Barack Obama gestures toward a crowd. Photo: AP.

Re-election campaign has accepted more and more cash from non-existent ZIP codes

2,000 pro-life activists call Planned Parenthood offices for mammograms

Picture 14

The event’s Facebook page urged people to ‘Schedule your imaginary mammogram at Planned Parenthood!’