Lindsey Graham Reveals The Perfect Formula For 2020 Democrat Hopefuls

Politics | Julia Nista
Almost like math

There Is No Doubt That Elections Will Be Held In December In The DRC

Opinion | Corneille Nangaa
When Congolese people vote in December, elections will be transparent, free, democratic and peaceful

Two More Candidates For Mayor Are Killed In Mexico

World | Vandana Rambaran
113 politicians, including 43 candidates running for office, have been killed

Plan To Split California Into Three States Makes It On The Ballot

US | Joseph Lafave
Three new states would be created

Bernie Sanders Makes Excuses As To Why He Won't Endorse His Own Son

Politics | Julia Nista

Leader Of Venezuela's Freedom Movement Calls Elections 'Rigged' For Maduro

op-ed | Nicholas DeSimone
We are fighting, and we are doing everything we can to make a change

GOP Rep Dennis Ross Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Takes its toll on you'

Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Slogan in Peril, May Be Unable to Use ‘Keep America Great’

Politics | The Blast

Massachusetts Democrats Splinter As Warren Wavers

op-ed | Rachel Tripp
Sen. Warren now risks finding herself shunned just as widely.

Democrats' Iran-Farrakhan Dinner Just Became A Campaign Issue

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Joe Donnelly must condemn'

Jim Carrey Urges People To Delete Facebook Over 'Russian Interference'

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'No wall is going to protect us from that'

Get A Grip On Reality, Libertarians -- Start Winning Some Elections!

op-ed | Zoltan Istvan
The Libertarian Party has a kind of unreasonableness.

The Same Cheap Tactic Virginia Used To Swing Votes Could Be Coming To Florida

Elections | Peter Hasson
Trump's margin of victory in Florida: less than 113,000.

How Many More Elections Will Democrats Be Allowed To Steal?

Opinion | Megan Barth
There has been no evidence of Russian interference

From Incompetence to Jim Crow: Elections in Philadelphia Are Out of Control

Opinion | Michael Thielen
'The problems in Philadelphia are extremely serious'

Treat The Cause, Not Symptoms, Of Google & Facebook's Election Unaccountability

op-ed | Scott Cleland
One gets what one rewards and tolerates.

To Gerrymander Or Not To Gerrymander

op-ed | John Bianchi
Redistricting is a case of the unintended consequences of giving unnecessary power to the state.

Early Voting Starts In Georgia Special Election

US | Henry Rodgers
Earns national attention

Eleven States Threatened With Lawsuits If No Action Taken To Clean Voter Rolls

US | Kerry Picket
'Dirty election rolls can mean dirty elections'

Why Pollsters Can't Be Dreamers

Opinion | Yitzchok Saftlas
Is it the pollsters or pundits who are on a prediction losing streak?

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