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How long until you can vote on your tablet or smartphone?

A customer holds a new Apple iPad Air tablet inside the Apple Store on New York's fifth avenue

‘Prime III is the world’s most accessible voting technology ever created’

Penn. voting machine alters votes from Obama to Romney [VIDEO] - TheDC

YouTube video seen 479,000 times; protesting voter gives interview to Al Jazeera

Pennsylvania voting machine changes Obama vote to Romney [VIDEO] - TheDC

Voters cast their ballots. Image: Kathy Kmonicek - AP

More problems with electronic voting machines reported on Election Day

Critics say NLRB pursuing card check outside legislative process - TheDC

‘If they want to sue, my attitude is, bring it on, because we think card-check violates federal constitution protections’

Missouri GOP candidate alleges foul play at the polls - TheDC

Missouri Republicans allege that busloads of ineligible voters appeared at polls and voted when a verification system failed

Broken voting machine denies Republicans - Sun-Journal

Voter reports problem with ballot machine

Security debate grows over Internet voting - USA Today

The debate over Internet voting focuses on members of the military and Americans living overseas who have had difficulty getting and returning ballots by Election Day

Nevada voters complain of problems at polls - Fox 5 Las Vegas

Voters in Nevada complained on Monday that their ballot had been cast for Harry Reid before they went to the polls