Elizabeth Dole Dishes About Her Husband's Hatred Of Mushrooms

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

This fungus is an absolute no-no in the Dole home

The Mirror Questionnaire With Stateless Media's Peter Savodnik

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
MirrorQ (Navy)

“Washington reporters confused information with knowledge”

Reagan aviation statue stirs up memories of 1981 air traffic controllers strike - TheDC

Politics | Whitney Wild
Reagan Reveal

Elizabeth Dole: Reagan ‘just did what he had to do’

Call it the 'three percent solution'

Opinion | Frank Hill

There is this completely misguided and untrue notion that any time you start talking about ‘spending cuts’, it is going to be ‘draconian’ and ‘devastating’ and any other nasty adjective politicians can come up with

Tax cuts, more spending, and more debt are the true opiates of the American people

Opinion | Frank Hill

We have been struck time and time again by the fact that the American voting public, on both ends of the political spectrum, actually has been persuaded and ‘numbed’ to believe that ever-increasing amounts of debt are ‘sustainable’ and ‘A-OK!’

The massive compromise of 2011 we need

Opinion | Frank Hill

Don’t read this if you still believe that Santa Claus drops presents down the chimney at Christmastime; the Easter Bunny really lays Easter eggs or that we can: A) cut taxes a lot more AND B) not reduce spending or make major reforms to our entitlement programs and come out of this all right

Social security redeeming borrowed money

Opinion | Frank Hill

Here is what is going on today, in the ‘real-world’ as we continue to pay out SS benefits, even though there is far less money coming in from payroll taxes due to this nasty recession the Obama White House and Congress said was going to be ‘fixed’ by the massive stimulus bills they passed early in 2010.

How should we think about the BP oil spill?

Energy | Frank Hill

The federal government should start accounting for disaster cleanups on a forward-looking basis in the annual budgets by allocating, let’s say, $20 billion in a “clean-up” fund or whatever has been the running average for annual disaster cleanups for the past 20 years

Tax code a disaster in need of relief

Opinion | Frank Hill

What do you think is wrong with the current tax system in America? Everything, it seems.

Fool me once, shame on Congress; fool me twice, shame on Obama

Opinion | Frank Hill

We’ve been hurt, we’ve been lied to, and now we have the health care bill as a constant reminder of this abuse

What exactly to we want the federal government to do, anyways?

Energy | Frank Hill

The next decade will be even worse unless we slam on the brakes of federal spending right now and try to prevent it from being like one of those terrible Toyota incidents

Reducing debt relies on sticking to core party beliefs

Opinion | Frank Hill

Maybe if each party would be honest with the American people and put forth proposals like we suggest above, we might have a chance to have a full-blown national debate this year on how to best achieve those goals.

Will Dems use reconciliation route to pass health care reform?

Opinion | Frank Hill

Are there any odds in Las Vegas on this yet? If so, you might want to place some money down on it…it would be a humdinger of a Super Bowl contest of wills, patience and parliamentary maneuvering unlike any we may have ever seen before.

When higher interest rates are a good thing

Opinion | Frank Hill

Amidst all of the excitement about the Vancouver Olympics and consternation over the still-lingering jobless recovery, there was a flickering, glimmering light that sparked in the ashes of this nasty recession about a week ago and hardly anyone noticed.

A walk through the commission graveyard

Opinion | Frank Hill

Since 1586, there have been shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina at Cape Hatteras that the area became known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Pretty gruesome title for such a beautiful coast.